Women in tech

At PwC, we empower, educate and mentor women as they develop their careers in technology.

Technology is changing the world. We need to help cultivate an inclusive tech world where women of all backgrounds have a role to play.

According to the Central Statistics Office, less than 25% of STEM jobs in Ireland are filled by women. A lack of female role models is reinforcing the perception that a technology career isn't for them. According to PwC UK, 78% of students could not name a famous female working in technology, while two-thirds could name a famous man working in technology. Over a quarter of female students say they are not interested in pursuing a career in technology as it's too male dominated.

Creating a network for future leaders

At PwC, we champion the growth and development of women in the technology industry, both internally and externally. 

We are committed to empowering women in the workplace to help drive real change. Through our unique combination of business and technology services, women working in technology at PwC can develop as strong leaders and role models, add value to their teams and their clients and achieve their individual career goals.

Our Women in Tech network spans the entire globe, including Ireland, the UK, US, Canada, Germany and Belgium. Since starting the group in the UK in 2014, technology teams have seen the number of women increase from 15% to 31%. We share insights and learnings across the PwC territories. 

The PwC Ireland Women in Tech network was launched in November 2019. Since then, we have grown our network to over 550 women and men and have created a culture of empowerment and a commitment to change.

Our commitment to technology and female talent

We are committed to leveraging technology to build our future. To do that, we're investing in our people with a $3 billion digital upskilling programme for our entire global workforce. We're building skill sets and capabilities that will elevate our firm's commercial success, and have a positive impact on our society. Here in PwC Ireland we're on a journey towards a more creative, dynamic, digitally enabled firm. By doing this, we will provide training and a support network that makes PwC a great place for women in technology to work.

The pillars of Women in Tech

The Women in Tech initiative focuses on four key pillars to help drive and reach our goals.


Develop a diverse leadership structure for the future by:

  • Developing and strengthening the Women in Tech network within PwC;

  • Levelling the playing field for progression of talented women within technology in PwC;

  • Ensuring PwC is an attractive place for female talent;

  • Mentoring and empowering women in junior technology roles to progress in their technology careers; and

  • Continuing to obtain support and endorsement from PwC leadership and encouraging male allies to support and get involved.


Create an environment where the natural skills and talent of women can develop by:

  • Encouraging continuous career development within the firm;

  • Sharing knowledge and experience within the Women in Tech network;

  • Sharing material from online empowerment networks; and

  • Supporting and promoting unconscious bias training within PwC.


Retain our senior female talent to create role models and to inspire and empower women in junior roles to progress by:

  • Supporting mentorship for women in technology roles; and

  • Hosting regular networking events including technology-focused training sessions and lean-in circles.


Make PwC a more attractive place for women in technology to work by:

  • Running targeted recruitment campaigns to attract experienced applicants, graduates and interns; and

  • Ensuring new joiners are invited to join the Women in Tech network and meet like-minded colleagues through our networking events.

Our work

Our Women in Tech team promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. We aim to drive meaningful change both within and outside our organisation through our initiatives and various events with internal and external speakers.

Tech We Can

Tech We Can is a programme that aims to inspire and encourage school children, particularly girls, to see the possibilities that a career in Technology can bring. Through carefully developed and tested lesson plans, ‘Tech We Can’ shows young people that a career in technology is possible in almost every industry, from sports, to fashion, to space, and everything in between! We deliver these fun and interactive lessons to primary school students (girls and boys) aged 9–13 years old (4th–6th class). Our volunteers, known as ‘Tech We Can Champions’, join classrooms either in person or virtually to deliver the lessons and show how technology can relate to almost anything.

Mentorship Programme

The Women in Tech mentorship programme aims to empower, educate and mentor women working in technology as they navigate the world of work and progress in their careers. The programme focuses on career development topics through the lens of gender. We create a platform for mentees to learn and grow in a supportive environment while senior mentors have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.

Our Women in Technology team

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‘Tech We Can’ Team Member

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