Financial services and technology have blended to redefine the landscape for both customers and businesses.

What is FinTech?

The ongoing digital revolution is transforming the way we access and interact with financial products and services.

Increasingly sophisticated customers, the Internet of Things and a drive to improve Customer Experience in a highly competitive marketplace means companies must change their operating models. Customers want choice, products designed for them and access to services anytime, anywhere on any device.

FS institutions are faced with increasing costs of regulation and shrinking revenue streams and profit pools. To respond to this businesses are looking for new technology solutions combined with an enhanced Customer Experience programme. FS institutions need to be agile but are often burdened with cumbersome legacy systems and siloed operating models.

Tech companies operating in the FinTech space are driving new innovations to overcome these issues to give customers the service, mobility and products that they want.

How can we help your business integrate FinTech?

PwC helps banks, insurance and other financial services firms understand, assess and act on the changing industry dynamics that FinTech is driving.

We work with clients to analyse the impacts to their value chain, shifting customer behaviours and the changing regulatory environment, and help them integrate innovation into their businesses.

Asset and wealth management

Asset and wealth management has seen a transition from technology-enabled human advice to human supported technology-driven advice.


  • Increased sophistication of data analytics
  • Automation of asset allocation and how wealth is managed
  • Shift from tech-enabled human relationship to digital experience with human support through Roboadvisors


Banks have recognised that the new paradigm of customer experience is about trying to build loyalty through digital engagement


  • Building a better back office – using integrated solutions to improve and simplify operations
  • Move toward non-physical or virtual channels – the end of the branch network
  • Streamlining applications and access to products to improve user experience


Innovation in the insurance space is seeing insurers leverage data and analytics to deliver personalised value propositions while proactively managing risk


  • Self-directed services allowing for the creation of bespoke insurance packages
  • Usage-based insurance – the ability to offer pay as you go services
  • Capturing data to build better products and understand customer activity


The way we pay for goods and services is changing. The ubiquity of smart devices is one of the drivers changing payment patterns.


  • The digital wallet, i.e. contactless technology
  • Advanced tools and technology to protect consumers making payments
  • Push for more immediate, faster payments


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