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A company's right to succeed in any market depends not just on external positioning or internal capabilities, but on a coherent strategy aligned at every level.

Stay ahead of the competition

Companies need to look at their issues in new ways to produce breakthrough insights and deliver unique solutions.

In today's dynamic markets, companies need to continually review and update their strategy to create opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. Our strategy experts help businesses like yours adapt to industry-disrupting changes and achieve sustained growth and identify solutions to increase efficiency through effective strategic planning.

Solving significant strategic issues

Businesses that are looking to grow in disrupted or transforming sectors need informed and achievable strategies. based on sound data-driven insights. But to navigate today's dynamic commercial environment successfully, executives face several challenges.

Developing a strategy

In today's unpredictable operating environments, companies are struggling with developing and executing a winning strategy. To achieve their objectives, executives require an in-depth analysis of the following areas:

  • Where to play and how to win against competitors
  • Market growth drivers
  • The right size and shape of the portfolio
  • How and where to grow, through organic growth or mergers and acquisitions
  • The strategic options available
  • Financial modelling of strategic options

By supporting the above analysis, we help our clients determine the right strategic priorities to drive growth and maximise value given prevailing market conditions.

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Delivering sustainable results

Companies are under increased pressure to deliver improved, sustainable results for their stakeholders. This often requires buying, selling or raising funding levels for the business.

To ensure the deal delivers value for the buyer, a Commercial Due Diligence of the target and its external market is required. This involves:

  • Estimating the market size, growth potential and target's market share
  • In depth analysis of the competitive environment, and the competitive positioning of the target
  • Assessment of key customers and the strength of customer relationships
  • Evaluation of the achievability of projections, with specific adjustments where the commercial risk is high

Our Strategy team works with both the buy and sell side to create a clear view of the potential for success, highlighting key risks and opportunities.

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Companies may find themselves underperforming relative to their competitors and losing market share and are unable to determine the root cause of the issue. To identify the initiatives needed to reverse this trend, executives require an independent assessment of the following areas:

  • Product pricing
  • Relative cost base and value chain
  • Brand perception
  • Internal capability gaps
  • Sales effort alignment to growth channels
  • Product portfolio strength, concentration and profitability

Our Strategy team has extensive experience conducting competitive position reviews or assessments of relative market positioning across several financial and non-financial metrics.

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Route to market

Many companies that operate in a variety of different geographies and product categories require a deeper understanding of the customers, distributors and other partners in a given market.

For executives to identify and implement the optimal route to market for their product, they require an assessment of:

  • The suitability of a distributor-led vs direct model
  • Distribution partners' capability and potential alternatives
  • Key growth channels in the market
  • Online vs offline dynamic
  • Retailer concentration and structure
  • Customer journey and purchasing behaviour

Our analysis allows clients to understand the optimal distribution network for their product in a given market and the growth channels to focus on to profitably deliver on the growth potential of the market.

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Identifying growth opportunities

When assessing the viability of a potential growth opportunity, executives must consider both the attractiveness of the market they intend to enter or grow in, but also the accessibility of that market.

To achieve this, companies need to understand both the external market structure and dynamics, as well as the operational capabilities required to succeed in the given market.

Our growth strategy assessments assist our clients in identifying the various growth opportunities open to them and evaluate the attractiveness and viability of these opportunities. These reviews enable better decision-making and highlight areas of the business that require further investment to execute the strategy successfully.

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Cost structures

Companies face significant challenges in implementing an optimal cost structure. Executives need to identify, quantify and deliver the transformation initiative required to align their operating model to their strategic goals and financial objectives.

Executives face the challenge of ensuring their business areas are aligned and ready to grow. They must understand the areas for improvement that will maximize the efficiency of the business and identify areas that require further investment.

Our team combines strategic insight, in-depth analysis and a collaborative approach that supports companies through each step of the transformation.

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