Our Diversity and Inclusion council

Our Diversity and Inclusion council aims to bring together and champion the Firm's Diversity and Inclusion strategy and to develop and drive initiatives across the Firm under four core pillars: Gender diversity; Cultural diversity; Generational diversity; and Shine (LGBTQ+).

Gender diversity

Our Gender diversity pillar is committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace and bridging the gender gap. We work towards building awareness of unconscious bias within leadership teams and work with HR to ensure gender equality is embedded in our people policies and throughout our recruitment process.

Gender diversity.

Cultural diversity

The international community has been actively growing across PwC Ireland and is continuing to expand. We have 54 nationalities represented in PwC Ireland and counting!

Our cultural diversity pillar provides a forum for us to network, meet new people and strengthen our relationships with people from different backgrounds. We also provide support for staff and their families who have recently relocated to Ireland or who plan to relocate overseas.

International and cultural diversity.

Generational diversity

Our Generational diversity pillar seeks to identify and meet the needs of all the generations which co-exist within the firm. As a pillar we work together to promote awareness and enhance understanding of any generational differences that exist.

We highlight the value that generational diversity brings to our workplace and aim to maximise these benefits for the good of everyone at the firm. We provide an open forum where people can get together and connect with staff of all generations.

Generational diversity.


We represent the LGBTQ+ workforce on workplace diversity issues, but you don’t need a label like gay, lesbian, straight or bisexual to take part – you just have to be up for embracing the uniqueness of every person.

Every day our LGBTQ+ group members shine the light on the important issues that impact our diverse and underrepresented community. Every day we bring our authentic selves to PwC and work hard to continue building trust in society, to make our workplace and our culture stronger, and to create brighter opportunities that let each and every one of us truly shine.

This pillar is about connecting people and making PwC a place where everyone is encouraged to bring their whole selves to work.

Shine community.


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