Our culture of diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at PwC

At PwC, our work culture is open, warm and friendly. Fuelled by respect and dignity, PwC's culture gives everyone room to contribute and grow.

Our extensive peer network provides an inclusive support system while our culture of open two-way feedback means that everyone’s voice is heard.

Diverse facilities

To care for our people and ensure that everyone's needs are acknowledged and met, we provide a diverse array of facilities at our Dublin headquarters:

  • Disabled facilities
  • Meditation room
  • Wellness private room for breastfeeding mothers
  • A range of classes for the mind and body
  • Employee Assistance Programme: a 24/7 free and confidential telephone helpline
  • 24-hour gym
  • Standing desks

Health and well-being

Health and well-being are extremely important at PwC. We want all of our people to feel fully engaged and motivated and we know that both physical and mental health play an equally important role in this.

We run a range of initiatives which aim to empower our people to prioritise their wellbeing and achieve a healthy work-life balance.


Boost is our internal programme which helps us to take an active hand in improving the many facets of our daily lives which impact our health and happiness. Boost provides a wealth of resources to help us meet our goals; whether they be mind, body or life orientated. Our one-stop-shop for events, blogs, workshops and classes, the topics covered are an eclectic mix ranging from emotional resilience to Reiki.

Green Light to Talk

Our Green Light to Talk programme aims to normalise conversations about mental health in the workplace. Our goal is for everyone to feel as comfortable talking about their mental well-being at work as they would their physical well-being.

We're focused on making PwC a place where everyone feels safe speaking openly about mental health, whether it's to their peer or their partner. By turning mental health into a conversation starter instead of a conversation stopper, we hope to empower every one of our people to be able to ask for the support they need.

Mental health awareness month

Mental health awareness is on our agenda all year round, but every May we pay particular attention to promoting dialogue on the topic. You’ll see everyone proudly sporting green ribbons to showcase our dedication to destigmatizing mental health; a simple gesture that means so much to so many.

This year we held a 'Walk and Talk' fundraiser in aid of a local mental health centre, which specialises in suicide prevention, and we were also proud to see our people turn out in their droves to show their support for 'Darkness into Light' in aid of Pieta House.


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