Working in Assurance

A professional career in Assurance

Adding value and certainty. PwC's assurance professionals understand how businesses work from the inside out. They ask questions, test assumptions, and scrutinise information that investors and others rely on.

Our work adds tangible value. It gives businesses the confidence to stay on their current path or change course. We give clients informed advice on their sector, their people, their technology and their finances.

You will develop real insights into every aspect of the companies we work with. Your ability to investigate and adapt to new challenges will be essential in Assurance.

A group of our people sitting inside a meetings room in PwC Dublin.

How our Assurance practice is structured

Over 1,000 professionals work in five separate sectors:

Asset and Wealth Management

PwC’s Asset and Wealth Management practice are market leaders in this space and the largest providers of audit services to the industry in Ireland. They advise global asset management companies, fund administrators and investors in an industry worth trillions of dollars.

Banking and Insurance

PwC’s Banking, insurance and aviation finance experts help our clients build trust in industries defined by change. We work with the top global and domestic bodies in insurance and banking and are the leading firm in providing professional services to the aviation finance industry in Ireland.

Data and IT Risk Assurance

Our Data and IT Risk Assurance practice help organizations harness the power of data analytics to help them improve their critical decision making and ability of unlock meaningful insights. We work with a range of clients to help them govern, quality assess and enhance their data analytics functions.

International and Domestic Business

Our International and Domestic Business group provide assurance services to every sector outside of financial services, including technology, pharmaceutical and retail companies in Ireland and internationally.

Risk Assurance

PwC's Risk Assurance specialists build trust and confidence by reducing threats and delivering solutions that work. Use your analytical, technical and client facing skills to help our clients assess risks to their business operations, strengthen their internal controls and improve their efficiency.

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