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Why should I choose PwC?

A deeper dive on why to choose PwC as a place to grow and thrive

It’s an obvious statement that doesn’t need repeating. But it’s a fact that we face every day. The world of business is changing. Technology, automation and AI are becoming part of the everyday working experience, from the back office to the boardroom. The biggest brands of tomorrow will be the ones who accept and embrace this change - and who go further to help their people transform at the same rate to be part of the transformation journey. 

PwC is changing on a global scale. To keep pace with the accelerating rate of change, to stay ahead of the pack and to be agents of transformation, we realise that we need to be fit for the future. To do that, we’ve made technology part of the fabric of our business. We are knitting our centuries of experience together with state-of-the-art digital solutions. The lessons we learned in the field, we're bringing back to the office and making efficiencies and improvements as a result.

To us, though, what is more important than having the right building blocks to cope with digital disruption and fundamental business change across all of our functions, is to have the right people in the right positions. 

We provide an unparalleled level of service to our national and international clients, and we are the first choice across our service lines to the world’s biggest brands. To stay in that position, we want to share some of the reasons we are the employer of choice for more than a quarter of a million people around the world. 

With the right support and learning opportunities, we are able to blend the professional training we provide with the skills our people develop when working with clients into our own operating model. When our people are thriving and growing as individuals and professionals, they're helping us to thrive and grow as a business. We're doing everything we can to make sure they do, introducing new learning platforms to help them upskill and develop as the leaders of the future.

"What we do best is powered by our people - solving problems, building trust and creativity, being innovative and agile, strengthening relationships and providing leadership."

We recognise that our people are more than the skills they have, and not just the job they do. We are committed to recruiting and developing agile, innovative and talented people from all academic and professional backgrounds. When new people join the firm, we want them to know that their commitment to us is matched by our commitment to them, that they will be supported to be as fit for the future as our business will become through their efforts. 

We recognise what we do best is powered by our people - solving problems, building trust and creativity, being innovative and agile, strengthening relationships and providing leadership. The value we deliver to our clients is matched by the value our people bring to our business.

We know from our long history and experience that when our people are at their happiest, most productive, most engaged and most creative is when they produce their best work. It's important to us to let everyone see how their work contributes to our collective success, and how they make change happen and help to transform the future of our business for the better.