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What is the PwC Professional?

To help our people excel in a changing world and become well-rounded leaders, we have developed a global leadership framework, the PwC Professional. Through it, you’ll gain the skills you need to help you lead clients, teams and others. You’ll have the tools you need to make a difference. You’ll be able to deliver results in a responsible and authentic way.

There are five core attributes that the PwC Professional helps to develop: Whole Leadership, Business Acumen, Technical Capability, Global Acumen and Relationships. The PwC Professional is embedded in everything we do, and will accelerate the development of your career.

From day one we’ll assign you a ‘buddy’. Who will answer your questions and help you settle in. You’ll also have a coach who’ll support you in achieving your longer-term career goals. Your PwC leaders will steer you towards becoming a successful business advisor.

Regular feedback

We want you to build on your strengths and tackle areas for your development. Through constant feedback, coaching and formal learning, we help you do both. We’ll give you clear performance objectives linked to the competencies for your role. These will help you to measure your performance and see how you’re progressing. Our supportive culture will encourage you to deliver your best.

Secondment opportunities

We apply the same consistent approach to development right across our global PwC network. Pass your exams, and you may have the opportunity to work in one of our many PwC offices around the world.

Professional qualification

Passing your professional exams is important for your career success. But everyone is behind you to get you there, including PwC dedicated Learning and Development team who support you from the start. Information sessions will tell you what to expect and give you a chance to speak to colleagues who have sat the exams previously. Mock exams will reveal areas that you need to work on, revision sessions with lecturers offer a different perspective on the exam process. With a combination of in-house and external exam support, attending lectures and studying hard for interim assessments, you will be fully prepared for exams.

Exam success

We have an exceptionally strong record of success in professional exams at PwC.  Our pass rates are consistently well in excess of national pass rates and we're very proud of those who achieve exam prizes due to their exceptional results.  

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