Risk assurance

What will I actually do if I choose a career in risk assurance?

Risk assurance sits within our assurance services. This group deals with the rising demand for better corporate governance, accountability and transparency. Risk is high on every boardroom agenda. The team help organisations to manage their risks effectively and demonstrate that there’s a plan in place to deal with it. You’ll assess business, IT and operational risk and analyse complex systems and business processes.

Over time you’ll be able to advise on a wide range of areas including: technology change, economic deterioration and financial market volatility, data complexity and proliferation, business model change and transformation and many more. Using a blend of skills you’ll advise clients on a range of control and risk issues caused by the challenges they face.

"In risk assurance I gained insight into a wide range of industries. My work ranged from social media analytics to working on-site with clients extracting information from databases. "

MichaelAssurance, PwC Ireland

Which part of risk assurance should I choose?

Over 100 people work across five different areas:

Data services

This team undertakes projects requiring the consolidation of large volumes of data from a vast array of core systems. This data is then analysed for the purposes of regulatory submissions, to identify potentially fraudulent transactions or more generally to identify data quality issues within the core process and identify the root cause for this.

Internal audit

The internal audit team provides assurance to senior executives of our clients that the risks facing the business are managed appropriately. A holistic view of the business is adopted to assess risks at all levels including strategic, operational, regulatory, financial and technological. You'll help clients ensure that internal audit adds value to the business through improved control, enhanced process efficiency and leading practice recommendations.

Third-party assurance

Clients increasingly rely on outsourcing, partnerships and strategic alliances with third parties to meet business objectives. These agreements can be complex and leave an organisation open to many risks. You’ll provide independent third party assurance so that operations comply with measurable business practices and that policy statements made by management are benchmarked against international best practices.

Systems and process assurance

Managing risk and establishing effective controls are key to making business processes work in an efficient way. This team help clients plan their approach to controls design, assess the effectiveness of controls and provide assurance over the accuracy and timeliness of information used for financial reporting and management decision-making.

Governance, risk and compliance

This team helps organisations design, build and assess the appropriate culture, processes, controls and tools for effective governance, risk and compliance management. This involves identifying and maximising opportunities, protecting reputation, mitigating downside threats and designing and implementing an optimised control environment.

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