Digital Health

Better care through technology

Developments in digital health enables improved patient care through faster, better, more focused and cost efficient healthcare.

To use technology effectively in healthcare, systems need to interact seamlessly. They need to share and make available the data required to make informed decisions about the delivery of care.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions play a big part in supporting this integration.

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Mobile technology may define the future of healthcare

The delivery of healthcare services through mobile devices, or mHealth, is fast becoming a global reality.

Helping to integrate new solutions

We recognise the importance of digital solutions to the future of the Irish health system. Our team is well positioned to respond to the needs of the sector in this regard. We have experience of supporting the implementation of health technologies and electronic healthcare solutions around the world.

Our technology team works with health service organisations on end-to-end solution delivery. We help to align digital strategy, data protection, cybersecurity, health informatics and analytics. Together with technology development and implementation support services, we provide an optimised solution.

As well as our local knowledge and hands-on experience, we have the benefit of access to a global network of healthcare technology experts.

From our industry knowledge, experience and consulting capability, we play a key role in supporting our clients to achieve the benefits associated with successful technology implementations and transformations.


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