Working in the community

Aside from our client-facing role, PwC also contributes to the sector through our promotion within the firm of CommunityMatters.

At PwC we recognise that we have a much wider responsibility both to our people and to the communities in which we work. We are committed to having a positive impact on the people and community around us and to working with integrity and responsibility in everything we do.

As a firm we are involved in a number of charitable and community activities and many of our people give their time and skills to assist these organisations. We would like to tell you about these activities so that you are aware of the great work our people are doing in the community and how the firm supports these activities.

Aids Partnership Africa

Aids Partnership with Africa (APA) is a charity focused on those affected by AIDS in Africa. APA aims to promote a broad-spectrum response to AIDS, integrating prevention and care as top priorities. The firm supports this charity through events and volunteers.

Annual PwC half marathon

PwC Europe comes together through a running event organised in a different European location each year. 2007 saw 50 runners from the Irish office tackle the Marseilles, France half marathon to raise funds for St Vincent de Paul.

Bus tickets for charity

We provide collection boxes at Spencer Dock where our people can place used bus tickets with change outstanding. The tickets are then donated to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital.


Jobcare Ltd is a registered charity whose aim is to help people in the community to find jobs by providing training resources, expertise and opportunities for personal development. Our firm's HR team assists Jobcare in running practice interviews with their people who were returning to work or starting work.

Junior Achievement

The firm supports our people who take time out of their working day over a period of six to twelve weeks, to deliver Junior Achievement educational programmes targeted at inner city schools. These programmes focus on the delivery of a business related topic to students between the ages of 5 to 15 years. As a business volunteer the PwC person brings work experience to the students by teaching them programmes designed to help them appreciate the value of work and enterprise. Many of our people who have been Junior Achievement volunteers retain links with the schools and provide a vital mentoring role to the students.


The firm is delighted to have the opportunity to work with a youth and development community project team called Localise. Localise will assist PwC in working with the 6th class students of St Laurence O'Toole National School located in Sheriff Street, Dublin 1. A number of volunteers from PwC will work with the local 6th class once a week for ten weeks to agree and lead a "Care for the Community" project that will have a positive impact on the community. During the ten weeks through a variety of games and exercises the young people are engaged in examining and assessing community needs, selecting a community action, planning this action, carrying out the community work together, reviewing the action and the learning experiences, celebrating their achievement and then planning for the future.

People Giving Scheme

We have developed a scheme which allows our people to make tax-free monthly contributions through payroll deductions, to a selected number of charities voted by our people. This scheme is known as the PwC People Giving Scheme.

Santa letters

Every year the firm distributes Santa letters from a variety of schools in the inner city area, from children that would not be guaranteed to receive presents from Santa. On receipt of a letter from your assigned child, you purchase and wrap a present and return it to the school. Over 700 children receive presents annually through this initiative.

Sponsor your charity

As a firm, we offer sponsorship of €100 to any PwC person who participates in a charity or fundraising event. Some of the more recent causes to benefit include:

  • Cystic Fibrosis Ireland
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin
  • The Alzheimer's Association of Ireland
  • Temple Street Children's Hospital
  • National Council for the Blind
  • Irish Cancer Society
  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
  • Focus Ireland.
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