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Why Ireland for pharma and life sciences?


We have the experience.

Ireland has a long association with the pharma and life sciences industry. We have built on a track record of manufacturing excellence into areas such as supply chain, shared services and technical customer support. Our historic track record and the availability of experienced deeply skilled industry professionals helps Ireland stand out in the global pharma and life sciences arenas.

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We are competitive.

Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax rate, our IP regime, tax treaty network and the availability of R&D tax credits mean that Ireland’s tax offering delivers a very competitive after tax return for your business.

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We have the skills.

With almost 50,000 people employed in pharma and life sciences, international companies locating here have access to a large motivated and highly skilled workforce. Ireland is consistently featured in the top 5 countries globally for labour productivity, skilled labour and flexibility and adaptability of our workforce.

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We know the rules and play by them.

Ireland has an unrivalled track record in regulatory compliance. The regulatory framework is strong and transparent – with oversight by IMB, FDA, and EMA.

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Financial reporting

Choosing from 3 options to suit your business.

With the choice of IFRS, US GAAP (in certain circumstances) and Irish GAAP for financial reporting, the Irish statutory regime is sufficiently agile to integrate with your global business.

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