PwC Business Forum 2018 to focus on how to survive and thrive in a changing world

16 November, 2018

PwC Ireland’s Business Forum 2018 is set to explore how businesses can be Fit for Growth and survive and thrive in a world of constant change. The event takes place on Wednesday, 21 November at the Convention Centre Dublin and will be attended by over 600 business leaders and key influencers.

The conference will feature keynote addresses from international authorities and experts who will focus on discussing theories, models and proven processes on how to cope with disruption and developing paths to growth through rapid transformation. 

Pictured are (l-r): Feargal O'Rourke, Managing Partner, PwC; Michelle McGreal, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, AIB Bank and David McRedmond, Group Chief Executive, An Post.

Pictured are (l-r): Feargal O'Rourke, Managing Partner, PwC; Michelle McGreal, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, AIB Bank and David McRedmond, Group Chief Executive, An Post.

The keynote address will be given by American policy analyst Pippa Malmgren who served as Special Economic and Policy Assistant to former President George W Bush. She will provide an international perspective on geopolitical change including Brexit. Chief executive at An Post David McRedmond will discuss the strategic transformation changes taking place in his organisation.

Speaking at the conference launch, Feargal O’Rourke, PwC Managing Partner, said: “As CEO of a business employing 3,000 people, serving domestic and international clients, I am very aware of the myriad of difficult issues facing Irish CEOs at this time. Geopolitical shifts including Brexit, the changing tax environment, new competitors, new markets and changing consumer demand are reshaping the world of business.  

"Creating an organisation with the right culture and values is essential in order to be able to respond to and preempt those difficult issues. Fit for Growth goes to the heart of an organisation’s ability to survive and thrive. Through insights and analysis from experienced political, policy and business leaders, the conference will explore how organisations can transform their businesses to become Fit for Growth.”

Enda McDonagh, Assurance Leader, PwC, added: "Being Fit for Growth requires companies to transform how they operate, while creating the capacity to invest in growth. If this uneven business environment we find ourselves in teaches us anything it is that leaders need to manage their businesses outside of economic cycles and stay true to their core values in good times and bad. It’s said that true character is revealed in the decisions we make under pressure and investing and spending heavily in buoyant times and slashing costs in a downturn is not a model that is conducive to resilience and sustainability.

“Becoming Fit for Growth will affect every aspect of the organisation’s structure including functions such as: innovation, finance, marketing, sales, human resources and operations. It combines a cultural shift and highly engaged leaders, who take control of the organisation’s future.

Three expert sessions at the conference Deal or no deal, Unlocking performance and Putting your culture to work will provide practical examples of applying change and transformation in your business.”

Deal or no deal, led by PwC’s Deals leader Paul Tuite will look at the practical aspects of growing a business through diversification. The session will give an insightful look into the world of acquisitions, mergers and raising capital.

Unlocking performance, led by Matt Mani, Fit for Growth partner, PwC Strategy&, will focus on enabling sustainable growth through cost and operational transformation. The discussion will highlight tried and tested models and real-life examples on being fit for growth.

Putting your culture to work, led by Frederic Pirker and Paulo Morley-Fletcher, partners at PwC Strategy&, who have advised hundreds of companies on becoming fit for growth through putting their culture to work, will share their learnings on developing high-performing people and in turn creating high-performing organisations. Publications by the Katzenbach Centre include the 10 principles of organisational culture. The research finds that organisations that focus on what’s best about an organisation’s culture have a higher degree of success.


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