PwC Gender pay gap report 2022

19 December, 2022

PwC Ireland has published its 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report. The report, which is now mandatory for all organisations with 250 employees or more, shows that women make up half of our population across all levels within the firm.

Our mean gender pay gap now stands at 0.9%, while our bonus pay gap stands at 12.9% with an equal proportion of men and women in receipt of bonuses.

We have made significant progress on our inclusion journey to date, but there is still more to do. In this report, we outline the steps we will take in 2023 and beyond through our ‘Inclusion First’ strategy and we renew our commitment to our gender equality action plan.

A photo focussing on a woman talking at a meeting.

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Rachel Power

Senior Manager, PwC Ireland (Republic of)

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