ETFs 2027: A world of new possibilities

29 March, 2023

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise bruising 12 months for the asset management industry. But with no let-up in economic turbulence, what does the future hold for ETFs?

Our latest report shows that 70% of ETF managers expect global assets under management to climb to $15tn or more in the next five years, driven by an acceleration in fund innovation and moves into new and underpenetrated markets.

Meanwhile, product innovation and diversification are opening up white space for a fresh surge in growth, with active ETFs tipped to be the fastest-growing product and the long-term growth in thematic ETFs expected to override any short-term dips.

The report also draws on respondents’ key messages and our wide-ranging work with ETF managers to identify four priorities to help ETF managers put their business in the strongest position possible and achieve standout performance.

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