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In today's challenging business environment, management needs to focus on driving business growth. However, significant time is often taken up with complex local and multi-territory demands across the corporate accounting function, particularly when it comes to corporate accounting services. Time-consuming activities like monthly reporting, statutory reporting, incorporating a company for the first time and ongoing compliance requirements for a new entity can lead to less time for business-critical activities.

You need access to a specialist accounting team with industry and practice experience of working with all types of entities, from multinationals to sole traders. Our specialist knowledge gives your organisation confidence that complex everyday transactions will be accounted for correctly. We ensure that your organisation is compliant with Irish Company Law.

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Solving your corporate accounting issues

Businesses today are increasingly turning their focus to core competencies that generate value. This tighter focus, however, may leave a business fighting a never-ending battle to perform critical tasks with too few resources. We have the expertise that your organisation needs to solve your corporate accounting requirements.

Incorporating a new entity in Ireland

Organisations that create new entities in Ireland are often based internationally. This can be a source of stress due to a lack of in-depth knowledge of the relevant local legislation. Organisations need to know the details of the kinds of exemptions available and when financial information is due to be filed. Setting up good corporate governance practices is essential.

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Finance resources for growing organisations

For organisations setting up in Ireland, it is necessary to have someone on the ground with in-depth understanding of company law and the applicable accounting standards and requirements. This is often a sticking point for organisations who are focused on building their business and do not have the necessary local expertise in place.

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Flexible finance for established organisations

Organisations often face challenges in resourcing their finance function or specific project work in times of expansion or change. Finding general ledger accountants for new subsidiaries, or hiring support during statutory year-end deadlines can be challenging. Lead times for new hires and additional training requirements can further stretch organisational structures.

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Statutory financial statement preparation

Companies that do not have expert statutory accounting advice in place are often unaware of potential pitfalls. Organisations must keep up to date with company law changes and the evolving accounting standards. A lack of knowledge can lead to financial misstatements or over-disclosure of information.

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Compliance deadlines

Organisations with multiple subsidiaries can struggle to meet annual compliance timelines due to a lack of capacity or the absence of expert resources. This can manifest itself in organisations wanting to complete the compliance process early in the year, or struggling to meet internal deadlines.

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Our corporate accounting services

Statutory accounting services

We will prepare your statutory financial statements per Irish GAAP and IFRS rules. We will ensure they are available for management review, in advance of filing deadlines. We can also offer a review service to ensure your financial statements are compliant with the relevant legislation.

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Management reporting services

We can perform the complete management accounting function for your entity. From bank reconciliations to management reports, to liaising with auditors and preparing financial reports for meetings.  We can provide complex journal support and development, monthly analysis of source data and generation of appropriate information for finance output, we support your needs.

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Flexible resourcing

We can provide you with dedicated resources to support you on a long or short-term basis. Our team has considerable knowledge and experience in accounting systems. We work with clients operating across a variety of industries and sectors.

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Project management

Our experts will connect your finance function with other areas of your business, such as HR, budgeting and financial planning, as well as other ad-hoc finance function projects.

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Keeping you up to date

We keep you updated on all developments on Irish GAAP, IFRS financial reporting and other new accounting standards. We can guide you on your obligations under company law, such as audit exemptions and group consolidation exemptions.

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Multifunctional approach

We have the in-house capabilities to incorporate taxation, governance, advisory, corporate governance, and corporate accounting services to provide a complete suite of services.

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