Restructuring trends - a global view

27 September, 2019

Gathering headwinds

An expectation of an increasingly busy restructuring landscape is building. Geopolitical tensions are exacerbating pressures in a global economy reaching the end of the post-financial crisis economic cycle. Sectors ranging from retail to automotive are also facing disruptive shifts in technology, regulation and customer expectations.

The second edition of Restructuring trends: A global view includes insight into the Irish perspective of the landscape and these disruptions. It shows that local and global trends are coalescing to reveal hidden weaknesses in companies buoyed by cheap credit and continued GDP growth over the past decade. Whether they can turn their businesses around is impeded by unpredictable policy developments affecting international trade as an era of globalisation gives way to renewed economic nationalism.

More than ever, restructuring needs to be proactive, coordinated and transparent to be effective in this volatile and uncertain market. This improves the chances of preventing collapse, stabilising the business and maximising asset values. Making this possible demands a clear understanding of both the big global picture and the nuanced local trends.

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