Helping clients reduce costs, increase efficiency and refocus on core business activities.

PwC’s Cyber Managed Services Centre

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At PwC, we are committed to providing quality managed services to our clients. To that end, we have opened a national Cyber Managed Services Centre at One Albert Quay in Cork. As part of our service offering, our experienced teams protect clients against cyber threats and ensure compliance with regulatory obligations. Our human-led, tech-powered approach guarantees peace of mind and increased resilience in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

PwC’s Cyber Managed Services Centre

Our Cyber Managed Services Centre enables clients to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and focus on core business activities.

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Manage cyber risks in an increasingly complex world

Organisations face the ongoing challenge of detecting and defending against evolving threats while complying with expanding regulatory requirements and meeting customer expectations. This dual challenge has been compounded by the persistent difficulty of attracting and retaining proficient cyber and privacy professionals. It’s a real concern for organisations across sectors.

In today’s business world, supply chains have become more complex and have increased interdependencies, including shared data, technology, and platforms. Malicious actors seek to exploit the chain’s weakest link to infiltrate large organisations and high-profile brands. As a result, managing the cyber risk of third parties has never been more important.

Furthermore, the regulatory environment is becoming more dynamic, with key regulations such as DORA and NIS2 requiring organisations to be more vigilant about the risks arising from their supply chains. Data protection and privacy regulations are also evolving and maturing globally, resulting in more obligations and operational overheads for multinational businesses servicing international markets. In this context, our cyber managed services offer scalable and cost-effective solutions.


Protect your business from cyber threats

Our Cyber Managed Services Centre offers expert oversight and rigorous processes to protect businesses against evolving threats and increasing regulatory requirements. Our clients benefit from industry-leading technologies, best practices and skilled cybersecurity resources without the need to recruit, saving both time and money.

Our third-party risk management and privacy managed services provide robust protection from supply chain data breaches and regulatory fines. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations while we take care of their cybersecurity and privacy needs.


Our cyber managed services

Scalable and cost-effective resource models

Many clients now outsource tedious and repetitive tasks like assessments so that their in-house security team can concentrate on more important tactical and strategic priorities. Through our highly skilled experts and automated technology solutions, we offer clients a scalable resource model that reduces cost and effort while enhancing output quality.


Third-party risk management managed services

Given emerging regulatory requirements, from the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) to the expanded Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2 Directive), businesses are increasingly focused on managing and reducing the risks of outsourcing to third-party vendors or service providers.

We simplify the processes of assessing, monitoring and minimising the risks associated with third parties. Our experts oversee third-party relationships and associated risks, reducing the risk of data and regulatory breaches and reputational damage. Our technology partnerships also allow us to continuously monitor the threat landscape and provide clients with real-time alerts based on publicly available intelligence.

Our managed service for third-party risk management also allows clients to draw on our skilled team of experts in a challenging talent market. Through this cost-effective approach, organisations can improve efficiencies and allow their in-house security team to focus on tactical and strategic priorities.


Privacy managed service

Our privacy managed service helps clients with privacy operations and compliance, which can be complex and time-consuming. Our offering includes:

  • Data subject access requests: our efficient and scalable model can help clients process data subject access requests within tight regulatory timeframes.
  • Data protection impact assessments: data protection impact assessments are mandatory for high-risk processing activities. We can perform these assessments on an outsourced basis.
  • Breach reporting: our breach reporting service can help triage data breaches and provide a proportionate response.
  • Records of processing maintenance: under GDPR, organisations must maintain records of processing activities. We can update these records annually on your behalf.


How our cyber experts can help you

In today’s digital age, constant advancements and evolving regulations will impact your business’s daily operations. Our innovative Cyber Managed Services Centre can help you navigate these challenges safely and efficiently. Our expert team has extensive knowledge in cybersecurity, privacy, risk management, governance and more to keep you ahead of the curve. Contact us today to learn more about how our Cyber Managed Services Centre can help your organisation maximise its potential.


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