Public consultation on Ireland's Tax Treaty Policy

01 July, 2021

The Irish Department of Finance recently ran a public consultation on Ireland's Tax Treaty Policy. The consultation closed on 7 May 2021. 

Interested stakeholders were invited to submit their views on specific tax treaty policy questions in the context of the following:

  • Economic Considerations - Input as regards any shortcomings in the current Irish tax treaty policy. Feedback was specifically sought on any business sectors that are currently not adequately catered for, the future needs of tax treaty policy as a means of facilitating economic opportunity, any new priorities that have arisen as a result of international tax reforms (most notably from the OECD), and criteria for prioritising the negotiation and renegotiation of specific tax treaties in the years ahead.
  • Policy on Developing Countries - Input as regards the objectives for negotiating treaties with developing countries, including the outcomes desired and how such outcomes can benefit both parties. In this context, feedback was sought on specific tailoring that is required for tax treaties with developing countries, international best practices, whether more emphasis needs to be placed on the UN Model Treaty, and if any standard positions (e.g. source taxation) should be adopted.
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