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Climate change and sustainability

Irish businesses need to understand the risks and opportunities arising from both climate change and other sustainability issues.

Making sustainability a core, strategic commitment

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing our world today. The sustainability agenda is accelerating with organisations coming under increasing pressure from investors, stakeholders and society as a whole to adopt strategies, operating models and reporting measures which align with the transition to a net-zero carbon emissions economy.

Businesses can no longer manage sustainability in a silo. Organisations can't just focus on mitigating the negative impacts of their activities on society and the environment. Now, climate risks and sustainability considerations need to be at the core of strategy and operations. They are crucial to transparency for investors and policymakers alike.

Alongside this is a growing consensus that traditional financial decision-making is a thing of the past. Progressive organisations are integrating insights about their people, their business relationships and the social impacts of their actions. They are also planning with natural capital considerations such as climate and biodiversity in mind.

Organisations who take action to orientate their strategic direction can protect and enhance their reputations and position themselves for future success.

We are here to help you

We support organisations to help them develop and implement concrete plans for how to get to net-zero. We realign corporate strategy, governance and accountability and operating models with ESG principles in mind. We support their transformation efforts in innovation and research, tax strategy and supply chain planning.

We work with businesses across all sectors and bring our insights into climate and sustainability considerations. We aim to future-proof organisations by making them more resilient and sustainable. We are helping businesses make the transition to the net-zero carbon emissions economy of the future.

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