Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022

Environmental, geopolitical, financial and social pressures have created a risk landscape that is more volatile than ever, which further complicates the prevention of fraud and other economic crime. As organisations act quickly to navigate change, bad actors seek to exploit the potentially widening cracks in fraud defences.

Are sufficient controls in place to tackle the new digital technologies being deployed? Are enterprises adequately managing the risks brought about by a sustained hybrid work environment? Do organisations have the appropriate policies and incentives in place as they emerge from the pandemic into an uncertain economy? And what is the fraud risk facing companies today?

Investment in policies, training, internal controls and monitoring has helped mitigate misconduct within organisations, even in a volatile risk environment. Meanwhile, new and more impactful threats have been brewing. This year's Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey shows that organisations' perimeters are vulnerable and external fraudsters are now emerging as a bigger threat.

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