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In a world of fast-paced and unpredictable risks, organisational success hinges on its capacity to adapt and emerge stronger from disruptions. As risks and disruptions grow in complexity, severity and frequency, effective risk management goes beyond reacting to change; it requires a shift in perspective. We help clients evaluate, design, strategise, implement and maintain a robust risk management environment. Strong risk and resilience capabilities can be the difference between those that thrive and those that fight to survive.

Ciarán Kelly
Risk and Regulation Leader

“Risk isn’t about responding to change. It’s about changing the way we see. Shifting our perspective. Considering different angles. To anticipate, be agile and build resilience.”

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Client priorities

At PwC, we help organisations comply with new and evolving regulations, manage their risk environment and leverage technology to take intelligent risks in a trust-based world and achieve sustained outcomes.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

DORA is a new regulation requiring all EU financial firms to be resilient to digitally-enabled disruptions. It was introduced on 16 January 2023, with a compliance deadline of 17 January 2025. We offer DORA assessments to identify compliance gaps and provide implementation support and post-implementation assessments.

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Network Information Systems 2 (NIS2)

NIS2 is a European directive to enhance the security of network and information systems within the EU by requiring operators of essential and important entities to implement appropriate cybersecurity measures and report any incidents to the relevant authorities. The goal is to improve the public and private sectors’ resilience and incident response capacities across economy-supporting sectors, and their ability to detect, respond and recover from a cybersecurity incident. We provide compliance assessments, implementation support and managed services to help you meet these requirements.

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Individual Accountability Framework (IAF)

The new IAF includes a new Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR), which requires in-scope firms to set out where responsibility and decision-making lie within the firm’s senior management. At PwC, we help financial services clients comply with SEAR and other aspects of the IAF through conduct standards assessments, annual due diligence, certification, and board and executive training. Our services can be provided as a one-time engagement or a managed service to ensure ongoing compliance with the new framework.

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Global Risk Survey

Discover how tech is fuelling reinvention, resilience and growth.

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Ciarán Kelly

Ciarán Kelly

Risk & Regulation Leader, PwC Ireland (Republic of)