Governance, risk management and compliance

Succeeding in changing environments

Business and regulatory environments are more complex, connected and evolving quicker than ever. Organisations are facing new challenges and untapped opportunities. This requires new and innovative approaches to risk.

Well-designed and implemented governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions can develop agile and resilient operations. With those in place, you can better navigate uncertainty, respond and succeed.

Our team has the local knowledge and global reach to support you to better understand and put in place effective GRC controls and meet stakeholder expectations.

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Navigating uncertainty and driving performance

Businesses face unprecedented risk and operational challenges. How can you address the issues you face by aligning your governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) activities with your performance drivers? How can you anticipate and mitigate risk and capitalise on opportunities and achieve your objectives?


  • Is your business undergoing growth, transformations or reorganisation?
  • Have your governance practices been challenged by your regulator or subject to increased stakeholder scrutiny?
  • Does your organisation need support to design or implement a new governance framework?
  • Are your governance structures transparent, understood and effective?
  • Is your board held accountable and are they holding Senior Management to account?
  • Is your board working as effectively as possible? 
  • Is the composition of the board effective and appropriate for your organisation?

Our GRC team is on hand to support you in answering these questions and to address any challenges you may face in relation to your organisation's governance.

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Risk management

  • Are there lots of risks materialising or 'near-misses' around your business? Is your focus on firefighting over prevention?
  • Have your risk management practices been challenged by your regulator or other stakeholders?
  • Are your risk management activities value-adding? Do they provide insight and drive decision-making?
  • Is your current risk reporting impactful? Does it provide you with full visibility and early warning indications of potential threats?
  • Is your board able to fully assess risk and internal control effectiveness?
  • Does your leadership team have clarity on the key and emerging risks?
  • Are you confident in your organisation's operational and strategic resilience?

Our GRC team is on hand to support you to answer these questions and to address any challenges you may be facing in relation to your organisation's management of risk.

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Internal control

  • Does your company have an effective and operational internal control framework?
  • Are your controls designed effectively to mitigate the risks you are facing?
  • Is your board seeking greater assurance over the effectiveness of risk management and internal control?
  • Has there been an unexpected control failure or fraud in your organisation?
  • Are your controls highly manual resulting in errors and inefficiency? Have you considered control automation?
  • Is there a need to understand and formally document the end-to-end processes and controls either internally or by third parties (regulators, investors, creditors)?
  • Is the business trying to improve their SOX programme?

Our GRC team is on hand to support you to answer these questions and to address any challenges you may be facing in relation to your organisation's internal controls.

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Third-party risk management (TPRM) and outsourcing

  • Does your organisation have a TPRM function providing value and insight?
  • Are your third-party arrangements substitutable? Have you considered the impact of material disruption?
  • Have you had issues with third parties over meeting expectations or compliance?
  • Is your organisation aiming to outsource a critical or supplementary function?
  • Are you concerned about meeting regulatory or stakeholder requirements and expectations?
  • Does your organisation's board and senior management have appropriate control and oversight over outsourcing activities and understanding of the related risks?
  • Do you understand how well your outsourced service providers are performing?

Our GRC team is here to support you to answer these questions and address any challenges you may be facing in relation to your organisation's third-party risk management and outsourcing practices.

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Our governance, risk management and compliance services

Governance services

Governance is the framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes which embody an organisation's identity, strategy, culture and operations. It is the driving force behind better service delivery, increased transparency and accountability.

Establishing sound, reliable governance practices is essential for every organisation. As they expand their services and evolve over time, it is imperative they create efficient governance structures. They need to be aligned to the delivery of strategic goals and meet the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.

When faced with increasing uncertainty, organisations must take a proactive stance to manage risk and realise those opportunities that align with their stakeholder needs. The presence of strong governance can no longer be a reactive process.

Our team develops and integrates strong governance practices that demonstrate to stakeholders that your business is being managed and controlled effectively.

Risk management solutions

Business and regulatory environments are complex and continually changing. This presents new risks and opportunities at an ever increasing rate. Risk management practices must be responsive and agile, and evolve with this changing landscape. They are at the core of sustainable businesses.

Organisations adept at risk management have a powerful competitive advantage. Over the long term, they can anticipate and mitigate risks, as well as take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. For others, risk management remains a complex issue and deriving true value from investment in it continues to be a challenge.

We simplify and demystify this process for our clients. We focus on  a principles-driven view of risk management and its practical application. We ensure that organisational activities and decisions reflect risk appetite, applying industry best practice and proven methodologies.

Third-party and outsourcing

Making best use of third-party vendors is a proven way for organisations to focus on what they do best — executing on their core business objectives. It can increase efficiencies, cut costs, lower operational risk and improve quality across functional areas. However, it can also create more risks and responsibilities which need to be understood and managed.

Organisations continue to increase their reliance on third parties to support their operations, including outsourcing higher-risk business functions. This is against a backdrop of increasing regulatory and wider stakeholder focus and scrutiny.

As ultimate accountability for these activities and decisions remains with the outsourcer, it is critical that appropriate processes, controls and governance are established.

We support clients to establish and enhance third-party risk and performance management. We help you derive value from the supply chain while meeting regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Compliance and control solutions

Organisations do not operate in a vacuum. As the environment changes around them, so too must their internal controls.

An organisation's internal control environment is key to the effective risk management and mitigation. Companies must develop safeguards that limit their exposure to risk, while at the same time ensuring operational efficiency and delivering confidence to stakeholders and the public.

This involves using the best available tools and technologies, and understanding where enhancements to their process and controls environment can have a significant impact on performance and manage their exposure to risk.

 Technological enhancements are allowing us to:

  • Understand risks through data-led insights;
  • Monitor control effectiveness in real time; and,
  • Reduce the cost of control optimising technology

Our team can support your business and ensure you have the appropriate control environment to manage and mitigate your risks.

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