Internal Audit


In today’s environment, companies are facing more and more legislative and reporting requirements, depending on their industry. As a result, internal auditors are having to come to grips with the impact these changes have on their roles and responsibilities. We can help you and your internal audit function keep up-to-date with the changing risks facing your business.

Potential issues

  • You’re worried that your internal audit function can’t keep up with the changing risks facing your business.
  • You’re looking to outsource your internal audit function, as it is not considered a core activity.
  • You need to assess whether your risk management, internal audit and corporate governance procedures are as effective as possible.
  • You’re concerned about resources:
    • Difficulty in recruiting and retaining internal audit professionals.
    • You need to supplement your in-house team with specialist skills (e.g. IT, ERP Audit, Treasury).
    • You don’t have enough resources to cover the geographic scope of your organisation.

How can we help?

You need to understand your organisation’s objectives, risk management priorities, regulatory environment and critical stakeholder’s needs to maximise the value and effectiveness of the internal audit function. We can help by:

  • Developing and assessing whether your audit and risk management methodologies are delivering as effectively as possible to stakeholders
  • Solving your resourcing problems including full outsourcing or complementing your team with specialist skills or geographical coverage
  • Providing software to enhance and support your internal audit work
  • Developing training solutions unique to you and your business using our extensive market and industry knowledge


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