IT Risk Assurance services

Building digital trust

As IT ecosystems become more complex, greater reliance is being placed on underlying systems and processes, and the information they produce. At the same time, the increased pace of change has pushed regulators to enact stricter requirements. The combination of these factors puts pressure on organisations' ability to understand, govern and mitigate risk.

Continuous change is increasing the need to maintain reliable assurance over IT environments and control costs. How can your business manage its IT risk challenges and remain efficient?

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Unravelling the intricacies of IT risk

The increasing use of complex digital solutions, together with more incidents of technology failures in both global and local markets, challenges organisations' ability to successfully manage risk.

Maintaining IT risk management and compliance

With growing regulatory and compliance demands, you need new ways of thinking about risk.

Transforming your IT Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) activities can drive organisational performance. Proactively managing your organisation's IT GRC activities can help maximise effectiveness and better meet stakeholder expectations.

Our IT Risk and Assurance team supports Irish and global organisations navigate IT and cybersecurity risks. We help them to develop risk management frameworks, ensuring they are fit for purpose. We provide the right response to technology risk in an environment of competing cost and regulatory pressures.

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Assuring complex, changing IT environments

Evolving IT environments create new opportunities to drive your business agenda. At the same time, they can also create additional risk vectors, and expose organisational assets and information.

Are you unsure of the strength of your cybersecurity and need to document it? Have you assured the safety and confidentiality of information assets during remote working? Have you established confidence in the services provided by your IT outsourcing partners?

We analyse every aspect of your IT environment. The independent insights we deliver provide invaluable safeguards in today's complex operating environment. We assure IT control environments through our digital audit work, provide Digital Internal Audit services, assess IT third party and cloud outsourcing risk and perform cybersecurity-related assurance services.

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Understanding emerging technology risk

The use of emerging technologies is steadily increasing. Organisations are continuously seeking new ways to leverage them to improve business performance. Others are attempting to disrupt their respective markets. As they do so, businesses expose themselves to both new and unknown risks. These may require a restructuring of overall enterprise architectures.

Our Emerging Technology team helps you to identify and tailor the technologies most suited to your business and your risk appetite. We determine your organisation's readiness and ability to adopt these technologies and process automation. We help maximise your current technological potential in a risk-controlled way, while ensuring the inclusion of the right governance measures.

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Managing ERP solution risks

As technology and enterprise IT solutions evolve, organisations are realising the benefits of integrating more applications and capturing larger sets of data.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have the potential to help organisations make smarter and more comprehensive decisions. They can add greater efficiency compared to non-specialised IT systems. At the same time, adopting ERP solutions can introduce further risks. These include information error, process failure and data manipulation. Protecting information within these systems needs stronger management and technical controls.

Our Risk and Assurance team helps organisations manage the end-to-end IT and process risks that might arise as a result of ERP solutions. We aim to help you better handle these risks, and to maximise the benefits these systems present.

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Our IT Risk Assurance services

Digital audit

New technologies are constantly emerging, transforming how we do business and the way we audit our clients. Our Digital Audit team is skilled in IT governance, risk and controls and deliver high quality audits of our clients' digital platforms.

We have deep expertise in how new technologies are deployed and controlled within business. We are delighted to bring this expertise directly to you to help build digital trust in your organisation and with its stakeholders.

IT governance, risk and compliance

The digital age provides a wealth of opportunities for an organisation to grow and prosper. In seizing these possibilities, organisations may increase their exposure to new technology risks including cyberthreats and IT resilience risk. As a result, effective governance of IT risk is critically important.

We work with our clients to develop comprehensive IT and cybersecurity governance and IT risk management strategies, policies and procedures. Additionally, we help our clients to navigate evolving and complex IT and cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Digital internal audit

Through constantly changing risk landscapes, internal audit is tasked with assessing how effectively an organisation's internal controls manage both existing and emerging risks. These now include IT and Digital risks. To effectively achieve this means expanding internal audit from the expected areas of financial, ethics and IT general controls. It now also needs to look at the wider scope of today's IT systems, networks, threats and opportunities. Our Digital Audit framework delivered as part of an internal audit plan helps to achieve this.

By engaging with stakeholders across the organisation, we help our clients to develop a holistic understanding of the strategic, operational, reporting, and compliance objectives behind their IT investments. We use that understanding to drive IT internal audit risk assessment, audit plan, and resource allocation.

Emerging enterprise systems solutions

Continuous growth in the use of complex digital solutions, together with an increasing number of technology failures seen in both global and local markets, have presented challenges to organisations ability to successfully manage risk.

We assist our clients in managing the risks associated with emerging technology and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and help to ensure their return on investments is maximised.

SWIFT security assessments

While SWIFT customers are individually responsible for the security of their own environments, the security of the industry as a whole is a shared responsibility. SWIFT is committed to playing an important role in reinforcing and safeguarding the security of the wider ecosystem.

We help our clients assess their compliance with SWIFT security requirements. We perform security assessments to support the organisation's annual self-attestation and their compliance with the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF). We also help our clients identify gaps between current and required controls, provide remediation support and assistance, and review and recommend remediation actions to be taken.

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