Enhancing your team's operational delivery

05 August, 2020

With working-from-home protocols in place, how can technology and connected performance help your team drive enhanced operational delivery?

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged team operations as work-from-home protocols have been put in place. As we now transition on a phased journey to a new normal, what does Connected Performance mean for your team's operational delivery and how can technology help?

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Current state

Now and for the immediate future, a significant part of your workforce will likely be working from home (WFH). This presents a continuing operational challenge. In the best case, teams will be split between the office and WFH over the coming months.

Staging the return to work correctly to protect employees and meet operational delivery objectives will be a key consideration. 54% of leaders think an eventual return to business as usual will take three to 12 months or longer.

The challenges of WFH

In a WFH environment, the key challenge is recreating conditions that existed in the office environment that drive enhanced organisational performance. We take many of these factors for granted: communication, engagement, accountability, transparency and performance benchmarking. Like other areas of our lives, physical presence has an impact on team performance against these factors. We have all adopted technologies to attempt to overcome these challenges, with varying degrees of success.

Acting to meet the challenges

Accept the challenge and act

Employers must recognise the individual challenges faced by employees and respond with the right solutions and business cadences to facilitate operational performance.

Support and connect employees

Employees should feel supported and be enabled to connect with team members, and feel motivated to contribute to the business.

Implement the right digital tools

29% leaders anticipate productivity loss due to lack of remote-working capabilities. In order to achieve superior performance within a WFH team, employees need the right digital tools to operate effectively.

Connected Performance

Our digital platform, Connected Performance, has helped our clients to navigate complex working environments and thrive in the face of adversity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our clients have experienced and seen the benefits of the platform in action:

Anticipating the impact that COVID-19 would have on the ability to continue to deliver quality service, a healthcare organisation asked PwC to implement Connected Performance across all service areas in order to support the continuity of services, the sharing of communication between teams and leadership, and the general sense of team and connection despite staff being based at home. Over just four weeks, daily virtual huddles were implemented across over 150 staff, where the focus was on supporting staff, maintaining communication in the face of increased demand and remote working. This resulted in connected teams, improved performance and improved problem-solving capabilities.

For another service provider, teams struggled with a lack of capacity and capability leading to poor outcomes. A dispersed workforce left teams isolated and workers operating in silos. Connected Performance empowered employees and made the service more connected and performance oriented. It focused on a number of clear initiatives: connecting the dispersed workforce, delivering regular workshops, implementing standards, driving daily discussions and reducing backlog.

We are here to help

As teams get to grips with new ways of working, we understand the challenges you face, and more importantly how leveraging technology can help your teams to continue to thrive. Whether it's prolonged remote working, rotations of workforce or socially distant office space, businesses need to ensure whatever their own return to work looks like, they have the right tools in place for success.

Contact us today about how we can best assist you and your business.

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