Enhancing your team's operational effectiveness and productivity

28 July, 2020

How can leveraging learnings, increasing collaboration and problem-solving as a team ensure businesses enhance their existing performance and overcome challenging environments?

COVID-19 has put an enormous strain on Ireland, our people and our businesses.

During this period of disruption and change, our leaders have had to adapt quickly. They have mobilised their workforce through technology and responded to changes in demand. Now, as attention shifts to reopening the economy, organisations must develop strategies for recovery and stability, and embrace the various learnings from the disruption the pandemic has caused.

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Learnings for leadership

While technology has enabled us to connect and work together during the crisis, for many this experience has highlighted issues within team structures and processes. Highly transactional teams with specialised roles are now perhaps disengaged and working in silos, operating autonomously and removed from the process they are part of.

Leadership has been crucial during the COVID-19 crisis. Ensuring the well-being of employees and managing the business has often come with severe financial implications. As we make our way out of this crisis, leaders must recognise that change is inevitable. They need to help employees to adjust, and should promote a collaborative flexible mindset to ensure business continuity and recovery.

As we emerge from this time of change, this is the perfect time to embed a new way of working amongst your teams.

The opportunity for transformation

The recent disruption to our lives, both personally and professionally, has forced everyone to rethink how we live, work and interact. As businesses look to develop a strategy for the future, it is a time to reflect on the potential opportunities.

We need to empower employees to be part of the conversation. Sharing learnings will help to identify what are the real issues, where opportunities lie, what we can do about them and make this a collaborative journey.

It is imperative to bring employees along with you and allow them to be part of the discussion, the decision-making and, most importantly, the solution. This motivates people to work toward a common goal and will result in greater engagement, well-being and improved business performance.

Three actions for emerging stronger

Leverage the right tools to build new behaviours

People can be resistant to change, but by using the right tools and making people a part of the process will positively reinforce this shift in mindset and behaviour. 

Collaboration is crucial to improved business performance

We need to show employees their contribution can help solve problems that they face day to day. This requires clear leadership with engaged employees to support the recovery, and the ongoing success of an organisation.

Coach teams through challenges

As teams adapt to new ways of working, now is the time to increase interaction and ensure managers are working directly with their teams to enhance performance, build new and better behaviours, processes and practices.

How 'Perform' can help

PwC's Perform methodology takes these fundamental elements of communication, problem-solving and collaboration and embeds them, through coaching, within an organisation's team culture. Ensuring ownership, accountability and collaboration throughout a business can drive improved operational performance through behavioural change. Supported by a digital platform, teams can interact seamlessly whether they are in dispersed locations, working remotely or in a rotational system.

A practical example of 'perform'

A client services provider implemented PwC's Perform platform and digital tools to link dispersed teams to maximise service capacity for users.

The client's team faced a number of challenges. These included staying connected and supporting each other whilst being geographically spread, having limited forecasting capabilities, and high variance in demand for services.

By leveraging the Perform platform, the team rolled out virtual daily huddles where the focus was on supporting staff and maintaining communication. The team implemented daily problem-solving huddles in order to create a consistent 'best way' for key processes, and they developed new methods of understanding activity levels and staff capacity.

We are here to help

As the disruption caused by COVID-19 continues to challenge businesses and teams, now is the time to act and implement new ways of working. We can help you to connect your employees, drive collaboration and leverage learnings and technology to thrive.

Contact us today about how we can best assist you and your business to drive your team's enhanced performance.

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