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There are many points in your life where it may become necessary to seek advice on your own and your family’s tax position. Whether you are looking to structure your business interests to protect value; or considering moving overseas; or growing your business to the next level and need to recruit the right people or planning for your future retirement. We can assist you in all these situations and many more.

Potential issues

Planning for the future:

  • Retirement and pension planning
  • Passing assets to your family / buying a house for your children
  • Taking advantage of CAT reliefs
  • Making a will

Structuring and growing your investments:

  • Structuring your business interests efficiently
  • Looking for a tax efficient remuneration plan to attract the right executive to your growing business
  • Disposing of your business without giving rise to large tax costs

Tax compliance:

  • Managing your own and your business’ tax compliance
  • Moving to/from Ireland and managing your tax position
  • Being aware of the benefits of your non-domicile status

How can we help?

  • Managing the passing of assets to family through partnerships or share arrangements
  • Drafting of tax efficient wills
  • Utilising Capital Acquisitions Tax reliefs
  • Advising on structuring your business interests in a tax efficient manner
  • Assisting you in determining the right structure for your investment
  • Advising on the effective transfer of a business so that tax consequences on disposal of shares, assets, wealth are minimised
  • We can guide you on the tax and practical implications of the relocation as well as advise on tax planning opportunities created by emigrating to a new jurisdiction
  • As a non-domiciled, Irish tax resident, we can provide advice on the remittance of funds to Ireland in the most tax efficient manner

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