Manage ownership

Managing ownership is a unique and complex challenge which sets private businesses apart from other types of business.

Your business is unique

It's built on your ambition, grows with your potential, and shapes your legacy. Against the backdrop of a world in constant flux, you need the perspective to stay focused on today's goals and the confidence to set new ones to keep pace and evolve your growth.

That's where we come in. For us, your success is personal. We're dedicated to understanding what matters most to you and your business. From strategy planning to governance, we use our deep expertise to create the right approach to help you achieve your goals.

No matter where you are on your business journey, we translate our perspective into real insights that can help you succeed. Together, we find new opportunities and shape the future of your business.


Managing for the future

Managing ownership of a private business is a unique and complex challenge. From legacy building to exit strategies and professional wealth management, it encompasses the biggest challenges for long-term success.

Whatever your issue, we have the expertise and experience to support you.


Effective governance—both family and corporate—is critical at any time. But it's even more vital during a time of crisis or strategic change when the trust, transparency and expectations it creates can be a real differentiator.

It can be a natural default to always focus on the governance of the business. It is also important to focus on personal and family matters. For your business to flourish and grow sustainably, you need both to work together.

We can help you assess whether your governance structures are equipped to manage any crisis, plan for the future and support your vision for the growth ahead.

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A shared family wealth strategy

There are many different ways to use shared family capital, whether it's growing the business, investing in sustainability or philanthropy, or supporting the family's lifestyle needs. As the family business and wealth grow and become more complex, it can be difficult to get a full picture and effectively manage and oversee the shared portfolio. When that happens, it's easy to lose sight of how the family capital aligns with the mission, values and objectives of the family.

We can help family enterprises get a full picture of their shared assets and the sources and uses of capital.

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Continuity and succession planning

Continuity and succession planning are critical to achieving a long-term legacy. It needs to consider things like defining when or if family members can work in the business, how profits are distributed, acquisition and exit strategies, who serves on the board, and how to plan for next generation leadership.

If a key shareholder passes away unexpectedly or simply wants out of the business, the enterprise needs to remain stable as it goes through the transition. A strategic, well thought-out plan can help provide stability as the business deals with the stress of change. We can work with you with continuity and succession planning to help ensure your business' legacy is carried on.

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Our ownership management services


Wealth planning is not just about the long term. There are also short and medium-term challenges that you may need to review. These include structuring your business interests in an efficient manner, managing your personal tax position and making sure that you are maximising your pension arrangements.

Providing for your family and securing their financial future when you are no longer around can be a challenge, particularly when capital acquisitions tax may apply to a large part of your estate.

We use our in-depth knowledge, broad experience and creative problem-solving to develop sound advice and practical solutions so you can manage and protect your wealth.


The two greatest threats to continuity in family and private businesses are conflict and succession. Conflicts are rarely caused by poor business performance. Most arise because owners feel that their needs are not met. Therefore, effective and professional governance of your business needs, your individual needs and the needs of those around you are essential.

Most family businesses have reasonable governance procedures to deal with the business dimension. However, few have set up formal structures for the family and owners. Our team can help you navigate and design a governance structure that is built around you and your business. That way you can ensure you have taken the necessary steps to minimise conflict and balance business and personal priorities.


Continuity and succession planning are critical to achieving a long-term legacy. But balancing business, family and ownership is not always easy. Family enterprises often have family members serving as owners of the business as well as managers. Family businesses commonly evolve from the founder making all decisions independently, to bringing in more family members and establishing more structure as the business grows and becomes more successful.

Continuity planning involves creating a strategic plan that addresses these challenges, along with how ownership is transferred across generations. A strategic, well thought-out plan can help provide stability as the family business deals with the stress of change. Our team can work with you on continuity and succession planning to help ensure your family's desired legacy.

Purpose and values

The world is changing, and so is the formula for lasting family business success. Family business owners want, above all, to create a company that makes a positive impact and ensures a legacy for future generations. They have earned a reputation for prioritising their employees and the communities they serve.

Family businesses have the characteristics and capabilities needed to claim the sweet spot where competence and ethics converge. However, thriving in today's world will require a change of mindset, a rethinking of priorities and behaviours. This includes more investment in the digital tools needed for economic resilience; and a new definition of legacy.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, profit needs to be aligned with purpose. Companies need to be able to demonstrate their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) credentials. Our team can help you identify your purpose and define, codify, communicate and embed your values.

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