Manage business

As a private business owner, building a long-term strategy to drive and manage growth has many aspects from digital transformation to risk and regulation.

Managing your business

We know that managing change, navigating complexity and unlocking value are complex issues to face.

For a private business owner, building a long-term strategy to drive and manage growth involves many considerations and decisions.

From digital transformation to risk and regulation, no matter where you are on your business journey, we team can help guide you through the complexity and provide business solutions built around you.

From challenge to opportunity

Whether you are a family business or a privately owned company you face many day-to-day opportunities and challenges, from digital transformation to risk and regulation.

No matter what your size, industry or market, we are ready and committed to helping your business succeed.

Transparency and ESG

Private and family businesses have long focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

These organisations are built on values and purpose. They are centered on trust with their customers, community and stakeholders, all of which are central and core to ESG.

However, many customers and employees expect that businesses actively drive and promote their ESG strategy. This may require companies to communicate and report their achievements externally, something that has traditionally not come easy for many private businesses. Many have preferred to keep their efforts simply that – private.

Although closing the ESG gap and ensuring sufficient transparency may be challenging, many employees want to work for companies focused on making the world a better place. Customers often reward companies who demonstrate strong ESG initiatives, and many are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that have strong sustainability values.

Our dedicated private business team can help you navigate, refine and communicate your ESG plan.

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Future of work

We are living in an era of fundamental transformation in the way we work. Organisations and business leaders need to plan for disruption now as technology is changing the face of business. The disruption caused by the advance of technology in the workplace is a source of opportunity and concern for private businesses and their employees.

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and automation can increase productivity and improve customer experience by learning from the data that can be captured. They can also lead to cost savings and deeper insights.

Introducing new technology needs private businesses to consider the impact on their staff. Owners and businesses need to start having mature conversations with their teams now and ensure an appropriate strategy is developed for how the changing technology landscape will impact their organisation and their workforce.

Our team can help business leaders as they seek to understand and develop the necessary strategy to manage the transformation to digital and the future of work.

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Fit for growth

Being fit to grow means finding ways to sustain profitability and cultivate growth, irrespective of external conditions. In practical terms, that means:

  • Focusing on developing and nurturing the things that set you apart
  • Turning the things that set you apart in the marketplace into competitive advantages
  • Having a lean and agile operating model that can expand and contract depending on circumstances
  • Employing people prepared to face challenges and who thrive on innovation, inclusion and openness
  • Nurturing a culture of continuous improvement that helps transform the whole business

Private business owners need to understand which of their capabilities will help them succeed and what is it about the business that is exceptional? By developing the things that make you stand out, you can create a dynamic proposition.

When you know what it is that differentiates you and will make you successful, you need to direct resources to support it. Doing that might mean changes to your operating model or supply chains. The priority should always be efficiency and accepting change as a cultural norm. They are not afraid to divert resources to the right places at the right time to develop capabilities that put them ahead of their peers.

Our dedicated private business team can help you and your business be fit for growth.

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Growth, profitability and value

Growth and profitability are essential to any business. Whether you're making divestments or acquisitions, expanding internationally or shoring up at home, unlocking value will be key to your long-term ambition.

For businesses considering a deal, considerations run from structuring the deal itself, to managing stakeholders and leadership teams, to realising the true potential and profitability of a transaction.

We support businesses in making the right move at the right time. We work with companies to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, streamlining supply chains, standardising systems and ensuring data quality, so that you have a robust financial base – whatever your future plans.

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Our business management services

Deals and growth

From new revenue models, to appropriate pricing strategies, to growing through acquisitions or divesting parts of your business the search for sustainable growth is always on the agenda.

Whether you are looking to purchase, dispose or restructure your business, we can help. Our dedicated private business deals team works across the entire breadth and depth of the firm, from tax and assurance to advisory, to ensure we provide you with the specialist knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

We also design and help implement the optimal structure for your transaction by ensuring everything we do is built around you.

Digital and transformation

What is making some businesses rise above the rest in the post-pandemic era? Essentially, they're well advanced in their customer-led digital transformation journeys. They're making the right investments, breaking down silos and integrating capabilities. And they are delivering the services their customers want.

The companies most likely to succeed in the new normal are those putting the customer at the centre of transformation. They are enabling digital and virtual experiences through technology. They are delivering better customer journeys, enhancing the internal processes that support them. They're prioritising more agile ways of working, growing revenues and increasing efficiencies. That way, they are creating more loyal customers, better productivity and more engaged staff.

Your dedicated PwC private business team can help you build your digital, technology and innovation strategies to strengthen your competencies, optimise internal processes, thereby becoming a more customer-centric business.


In our experience, many companies focus on growth without having a well-articulated growth strategy that's rooted in the organisation's capabilities and capacity to execute.

Such an unfocused and opportunistic growth approach is a recipe for failure. As a result, owners and management teams find themselves with a number of competing priorities, pulling their teams in different directions, which often leads to either unprofitable growth or paralysis.

To deliver sustainable and profitable growth, strategic growth thinking must come first, and only then can it be followed by strategic action, where owners and managers become aligned and focused on the priority growth initiatives that will deliver the company's highest-impact results.

We can help you set the right goals to plan for, manage and measure profitability.

Risk and regulation

Understanding the risks your business faces and identifying the best strategies to mitigate them in a rapidly changing world.


What remains a universal truth is that people must always be at the centre of corporate strategies both when economies are strong and when they are under threat. What's also true is that the keys to unlocking an organisation's value lie in the organisation's culture, in building and maintaining trust, and in harnessing the right skills.

How private businesses are preparing their workforce for the digital future and their concerns about attracting and retaining talent reflect a world that has a skills shortage.

By working with you, and your team, we can help you build and reinforce a people-centric approach that builds trust, invests in people, develops stronger cultures and helps to attract, retain and develop talent for future success.


Your business is unique. It's built on your ambition, grows with your potential, and shapes your legacy. Against the backdrop of a world in constant flux, you need the perspective to stay focused on today's goals and the confidence to set new ones to keep pace and evolve your growth.

However, managing ownership of a private business is an additional unique and complex challenge. From legacy building to exit strategies and professional wealth management, it encompasses the biggest challenges for long term success.

No matter where you are on your business journey, we translate our perspective into real insights that can help you succeed.


Effective management of a family business's capital and finances has always been key for sustaining growth.

However whilst maintaining a robust financial base for the business is key it is also important to consider opportunities to tap into new sources of capital to fuel further growth.

We can help with all aspects of managing and optimising your capital base including:

  • Capital and financing structure
  • Financing of innovation and growth
  • Sustainable finance
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) or investors
  • Bank reporting
  • Treasury
  • Working capital
  • Public funding (export guarantees, state aid, R&D subsidies)

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