If your answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help you! We have worked with our clients at all stages of starting up a new business from idea generation, drafting business plans and raising finance to drafting exit strategies.

It is important to plan ahead as decisions taken in the early stages of your business can save you stress and expense later on.

Potential issues

  • Ready access to cash is a key concern. Angel investors, entrepreneur clubs, sponsorship and commercial lenders are all possible routes to obtain the funding that you require.
  • Applying for reliefs, exemptions and grants can be difficult and time consuming.
  • Having a detailed business plan which sets out how you intend to use the funds and why is critical, as is being able to articulate the wider strategy for the business.
  • Complexity of building a robust financial framework and developing an internal control framework.
  • Obtaining information on the size of the target market, the unique selling point of your product and pricing.
  • Be able to show potential investors that you and your business are “investible”.


What do potential investors look for?

  • Strength of the idea - can you articulate it well, has someone else already thought about it and is doing it better and how will you position yourself in the market as you grow?
  • Business model - have you challenged your own business model assumptions, do they stack up and is the data based on realistic estimates that can be externally benchmarked?
  • Scalability - can scale be achieved and can it be done quickly and on a cross-border basis? If you’re already growing your business, how will you maintain momentum?
  • Management team skills - have you got the right mix of expertise to grow the idea into a commercial operation and importantly, have you got a plan for how that will evolve as the business grows?
  • Exit strategy - Is this well-defined from the outset and is it clear to investors how payback will be achieved?


How can we help?

  • Advising on the best structure to fit your business from a commercial, tax and finance perspective.
  • Providing mentoring support where we can see the growth potential or support you in finding appropriate help from another source.
  • Providing advice on finance assistance and reliefs available.
  • Assisting you to plan ahead in order to make the right decisions in the early stages of your business. This can save you stress and expense later on.


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