Why Ireland?


Ireland's tax regime is one of the most favourable in the world. We're famous for our 12.5% corporate tax rate. This rate combined with our intellectual property and research and development regimes creates lots of opportunities for your business to reduce its effective tax rate.


Ireland's workforce is well-educated and one of the youngest in Europe. We are experienced in helping multinationals already here to grow and expand. As a nation we're keen to learn, progress and not afraid to work hard. We're also renowned for attracting talent from the EU and beyond. We look forward to welcoming you.

Track record

The number of companies who have already chosen Ireland to do business speaks for itself. For more details on our industry experience take a look at our 'proven track record' section. Doing business in Ireland means instant access to the European marketplace. In addition, Ireland brings attractive opportunities for organisations to effectively structure their international expansion plans. You can also connect easily to Asia in the morning and the US in the afternoon!

Cost competitiveness

Reducing costs in property, rents, services, construction and labour make Ireland an increasingly attractive investment location. The availability of business incentives and grants also adds to our competitiveness.

Proven track record

  • Top 10 global 'born on the internet' companies are all here
  • 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies are here
  • 50% of the world's top banks are already here

Ireland continues to attract some of the world's most innovative companies. Many of these companies, from start-ups to established international organisations, lead the way in their respective industry sectors.

We're best known for our technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences and financial services experience, however more recently we've attracted many social media and online gaming companies to our shores.

Many companies locate headquarters or holding companies here in addition to activities like research and development or shared services centres. This allows them to make the best use of Ireland as a low-tax hub to expand internationally and maximise the return for their business.


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How can we help?

From start-up businesses to more established multinationals, Ireland presents opportunities. Give us a call to discuss the specific opportunities it might create for you, as your business looks to grow and expand.

Contact details for some of our partners dedicated to FDI are listed above or for general FDI enquiries please contact Liam Diamond on +353 1 792 6579 or by email.

We've also outlined below our dedicated contacts to a number of significant markets to Ireland.

US West coast
Susan Roche
T: +1 646 313 0813

Jean Delaney
T: +353 1 792 6280

Eddie Cao
T: +353 1 792 7052

US East coast
Brian Murphy
T: +1 646 335 4326

France / Japan / Russia
Mary Honohan
T: +353 1 792 8609

Suzanne Choi
T: +353 1 792 5037

US Mid West
Harry Harrison
T: +353 1 792 6646

Mark Roberts
T: +353 1 792 8633

Graham Attley
T: +353 1 792 6800


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