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Apply now — Graduate programme 2022

Applications for 2022 are now closed

Tips for making your application

Your PwC Graduate programme application is straightforward. To help you before you begin, we've outlined the steps in the process below.

Workday application process

Before you begin

Before you fill in your application, gather together all the things you'll need. These include:

  • Full details of your third-level college course(s) and results
  • Your second-level subjects and exam results
  • Your preferences for which business area and location you would like to work with us in

There is an option to upload your CV as part of the application, but this is not mandatory and will not be reviewed.

Create an account

To apply, you need to create an account on Workday. Use your personal email address. Do not use your college email; use an address you will have access to even after you have left university.

It would help if you also created a password you will remember. Please be aware your password needs to include:

  • A minimum of eight characters
  • A mixture of both upper-case and lower-case letters
  • A combination of letters and numbers
  • At least one special character

Make sure you keep this password safe. You will need it to log back into your profile during the recruitment process.

Completing the application form

Next, you need to enter your personal information, including your name, address and contact details. Let us know if you have worked with us in the past.

All of the fields marked with an asterisk in the form are mandatory.

Let us know about your work experience. Include any experience that you have, no matter what it is: all experience is valuable.

  • Add details of your current and previous education
  • Add details of your skills: think about all the things you are competent in doing. Enter them in the form, and you'll have the chance to pick the skills that are most appropriate to your own from the auto-populating lists that appear
  • What languages do you speak, and what is your level of competency; are you a beginner or are you fluent?

Question time!

Next, we ask some more specific questions about you, your education, your preference for business area and location, and the professional qualification you're interested in.

We're also really keen to find out why you decided to apply for our Graduate programme. This is an important part of our selection process. Be creative and think outside the box; this is your opportunity to stand out!

Review and submit your application

You have one last chance to check and confirm the information you've entered in your application before you click ‘Submit’.

Good luck!

We hope we'll be speaking to you soon!

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