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Employment Tax Services


In an increasingly complex environment, Irish and international employers face even greater challenges in dealing with the tax and social security implications of recruiting, rewarding, retaining and incentivising their employees, particularly when you consider an environment where distance is no longer an issue.

Employers need to consider a host of tax requirements, from remaining tax compliant, to dealing with the challenges of an internationally mobile workforce.

Employers also need to be ready for interventions and audits by the authorities. Developing the required strategy and operating model to ensure compliance and audit readiness may require an orchestrated approach from several functions within the business and PwC can also assist in pulling all of this together.

Potential issues

  • PAYE/PRSI compliance and understanding the treatment of different elements of remuneration, for example, benefits-in-kind and expenses.
  • Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) or Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) compliance.
  • Designing and implementing employment policies and practices, for example, relocation and expense policies.
  • Reducing costs while incentivising employees.
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements.
  • Revenue interventions and enquiries.

How can we help?

Our team of employment tax specialists provide a range of solutions for employers on all employment taxes and associated matters, including:

  • Maximising the use of tax effective strategies in remuneration arrangements
  • Advice on the appropriate tax treatment of employee costs to ensure compliance and manage risk while still incentivising employees
  • Effective employment tax policy development and implementation
  • PAYE/PRSI process and risk management reviews
  • Pre-Revenue audit reviews - including Revenue audit support and project management - assisting organisation in assessment of potential exposures and preparation of voluntary disclosures; negotiating potentially hazardous settlements with Revenue and the Department of Social Protection to minimise the risk and cost and to protect the organisational reputation
  • Employment tax due diligence reviews
  • Payroll advisory and process support services
  • Provision of onsite staff support for tax and payroll operations
  • Related assistance and support - for example PwC TravelWatch tool which facilitates employers in tracking frequent business travellers via mobile devices and online facilities.


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