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Payroll Services

The objective for payroll has always been simple – pay your employees accurately and on time. It has historically been seen as a low risk function where issues rarely trouble the higher levels of management. As a result, it may not have not received a great deal of attention in your organisation.

The introduction of Real-time Reporting (RTR) on 1 January 2019 increases the pressure on all businesses. To manage their employment tax risk, they need to assess and evolve their payroll function. RTR intensifies the challenges facing employers in managing payroll compliance. The risks associated with non-compliance are also greater than ever before.

Employment taxes globally are now the largest source of Government income, contributing on average 38% of the total tax take. Tax authorities now see organisations’ payroll functions as their primary tax collection agent. This puts a burden of responsibility on employers. RTR adds another level of responsibility, increasing the onus on employers further.

“Our focus is not simply on the compliance aspects of the payroll process, but making sure that the payroll function has strong governance and controls supported by the right technology”

Making Payroll Pay

PwC can help make payroll work for you in a changing and complex regulatory environment. We tailor every payroll engagement to ensure it provides real value for each organisation we work with.

Our service is unique in the marketplace as we operate with complete employment tax integration. We set up your payroll with full PAYE, PRSI, USC and PRD/ASC (where relevant) sign off on every element of remuneration. Our tax and accounting specialists are on hand if any complex issue arises.

Our managed payroll service is also ISAE 3402 Type II accredited. This international standard assures you that the design and operation of our client payroll service is second to none. In the current environment, where internal audit requirements are more exacting, we know that this external accreditation is a valuable asset.

Whether you are considering outsourcing your payroll function, overhauling your current arrangements or managing complex remuneration packages, our team is waiting to hear from you.

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