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Workforce Reshaping Services


Many organisations continue to face challenges to cut costs, improve productivity and streamline the workforce in order to survive and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Our Workforce Reshaping Team incorporates professionals who specialise in the areas of employment taxes, pensions, reward, executive search and outplacement support. Our collective experience means we can help you right from the planning stages of any reorganisation and support you with the difficult and sensitive issues relating to staff exiting from the organisation.

Potential issues

  • Challenges in planning and designing a severance programme that meets with the budgetary requirements of the organisation while also meeting staff expectations in terms of the level of the severance package on offer.
  • Timing and communication of a workforce reshaping programme in line with business needs and ensuring in-house resources have the support required to implement the programme.
  • Getting employee buy-in for a severance programme by delivering the right level of support and information.
  • Maximising the tax efficiency of severance packages for departing employees and executives.
  • Dealing with the tax issues in relation to a severance payment including understanding the risks of getting it wrong.
  • Dealing with Revenue on the tax treatment of a severance payment.
  • Pension scheme issues.

How can we help?

  • Identify pitfalls and advise on potential obligations.
  • Provide benchmarking data on industry practice in relation to the terms of a severance package.
  • Assist with designing severance packages to meet budget requirements.
  • Advising on potential issues in relation to service and pay for different categories of employees.
  • Assist with Revenue negotiations and clearances.
  • Review severance agreements to ensure tax efficiency is maximised and preserved.
  • Preparation of tax-free exemption calculations.
  • Hold tax and social welfare one-to-one meetings and/or group briefings.
  • Ongoing tax technical support throughout the duration of the programme.
  • Develop an online ‘Ready Reckoner’ and supporting user guide to allow employees determine estimated net packages.
  • Help ensure all employer obligations have been met.
  • Help ensure employees leave the organisation on positive terms.

Contact us

Mary O'Hara

Partner, PwC Ireland (Republic of)

Tel: +353 1 792 6215

Anne Bolster

Director, PwC Ireland (Republic of)

Tel: +353 1 792 6209

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