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Creating the right structures to motivate and retain talent

What does rewarding mean?

People are central to every business, and attracting, retaining and motivating your talent is the key to success. Delivering cost effective, tax efficient and compliant reward packages across multiple jurisdictions poses challenges.

We can help your business meet these challenges locally and globally, particularly in the areas of share schemes, retirement planning and other reward strategies.

It is increasingly important to find the balance between aligning HR and reward strategies with overall business goals and objectives. We can work with you to design the reward structure that best fits your business and the needs of a diverse workforce.

Share schemes

"We do better, you do better, we all do better".

As organisations strive to retain their people for longer periods, share schemes can be a valuable part of their reward strategy.

We help you to design, implement, and communicate your strategy, as well as assisting you to achieve regulatory approval for your equity-based reward plans.



As an employer, you will know that pensions can be extremely costly and complex, but they serve to enhance the value of your employees' reward packages.

In our experience, employers usually ask us two basic questions about their pension schemes: How do we make sure we are getting the best value, and how can we better manage the risks?

Whether you have Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution plans, or a combination of both, we can help answer these questions and deliver better outcomes for your organisation and your people.


Reward strategy, healthcare and benchmarking

Putting the right reward strategy in place adds to your staff's sense of their value to your business, and increases the likelihood that you will retain their services.

We will work with you to devise your reward strategies as well as conduct pay and benefit benchmarking exercises across all levels of your business. Our job evaluation system checks the consistency of reward on a group-wide basis. We can also help you to measure, redesign and communicate your employee private health insurance policy.


Financial Wellness

A key challenge for employers today is how to promote a culture of financial wellness. Financial worries impact people's productivity and ability to concentrate. When your employees are better able to manage their financial affairs, they will be happier, healthier and more engaged.

A strong financial wellness programme can align behaviors to business objectives. It can also strengthen loyalty and goodwill among your workforce. We can help you to find ways to guide and support your employees in their individual challenges and needs. We can analyse your benefits packages and determine which are most effective and where there may be gaps.


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