Personal financial planning

Plan for the future

People's finances and sources of wealth constantly change as their life journey evolves.

Time is also precious, and with an ever changing financial landscape, it can be difficult to keep on top of your financial affairs to ensure they remain suitable for your personal circumstances.

Developing a trusted financial advisory relationship will help you be better prepared and manage your finances more effectively.

Our personal financial planning team can help you review your finances and build a financial plan tailored to your needs.

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Navigating the changing financial landscape

Every individual has differing financial circumstances, and financial priorities will evolve over time.

The best financial planning services are built around this core understanding, and where the support provided changes as you do.

We help you plan your financial affairs and answer your key questions at every stage of your journey.

Planning your finances

Many people struggle to give the time and effort required to plan their short, medium and long-term financial affairs. This can lead to poor decisions, suboptimal financial outcomes, and long-term financial objectives that aren't met.

Too often, people miss tax saving opportunities. They take unnecessary risks, and make inconsistent decisions about their wider financial objectives.

Our financial planning services help you manage your personal affairs and mitigate the challenges you face.

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Making the right retirement planning choices

Retirement planning can be complicated. Many people struggle to understand the products on offer. The rules and regulations that govern the tax benefits attached to pension provision can be hard to grasp.

You need to generate enough assets to meet your income needs in retirement. You need to consider how best to make pension plan contributions, manage their investment, and draw down the benefits efficiently.

Our expert financial advisers provide you with independent advice and guidance at every step of your retirement planning journey.

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Managing your investments

Investment markets can be volatile. To ensure you achieve your goals, your financial assets must be well structured and managed in a timely and risk-aware fashion.

We will help you independently evaluate the savings and investment products which are appropriate to your financial circumstances and support you in their ongoing management.

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Protecting your family

We all want to know that there is provision to look after our families if something unexpected happens. Financial security is core to this. You can consider different approaches depending on your circumstances.

To give you peace of mind, we evaluate the levels of protection that you have in place and stress test them. So if something should occur, the security of your family won't be in any doubt.

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Tax efficient wealth distribution

At any time, your focus can turn from managing your financial assets to transferring them to your next of kin. Preparing for this can happen well in advance, rather than when the time is near. There are considerations around tax efficient strategies and the timing of asset transfers.

We help you to quantify your family's potential exposure to Capital Acquisitions and Gift taxes, and help you to evaluate different tax mitigation strategies.

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Choosing a lifelong trusted adviser

We understand the importance of choosing the right financial advisers. The relationship is likely to be long-standing, and you will want an adviser both you and your family can turn to. You need to be safe in the knowledge that their support and advice is independent, and tailored to your personal circumstances. When you need it the most having market-leading financial planning advice in place will make a difference.

Our team includes investment specialists, financial planners, actuaries, financial advisers, and tax specialists. We can provide you with all the support you need. We will also provide you with a second opinion as you explore financial opportunities of interest to you.

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Financial Consulting DAC

PwC Financial Consulting DAC provides financial planning and insurance intermediary services to meet your requirements.

PwC Financial Consulting DAC is regulated to provide insurance intermediary services by the Central Bank of Ireland under the European Communities (Insurance Distribution) Regulations 2018 (IDR) (insurance intermediaries, reinsurance intermediaries and ancillary insurance intermediaries).

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Our personal financial planning solutions

Strategic personal financial planning

Our personal financial planning services bring a discipline and consistency to how you manage all of your finances. We support you by:

  • Helping you define your long-term goals and objectives
  • Evaluating your current savings, pensions, and investment assets
  • Considering the optimal delivery of your retirement income
  • Identifying risks your family may face, and consider mitigation strategies
  • Mapping how your assets may evolve over time, and quantify potential estate taxes your family may face
  • Reviewing plans on an ongoing basis to ensure continued suitability

We start by understanding what you want to achieve, the current resources at your disposal, the risks you are willing to take, and any future demands on your capital. We develop a financial planning strategy to meet your objectives.

Once we have designed and implemented your financial plan, we will ensure your financial arrangements remain on track, and evaluate changes to your personal circumstances.

Retirement planning

Our team of financial advisers will help you to evaluate your retirement plans at each point along the planning journey:

  • We will consider your pension funds and contributions to maximise the tax benefits
  • We will recommend how you invest your pension assets to meet your retirement goals
  • We will consider when it is most appropriate to draw your pension benefits
  • We will evaluate your retirement options and identify pension products that are suitable for your personal circumstances
  • We will support you during retirement in order to ensure you maximise the longevity of your pension assets

Asset management

As your financial adviser, we will independently evaluate the investment options available to you. We'll make recommendations based on an understanding of your personal circumstances and ultimate financial objectives.

We will:

  • Help you design an investment strategy to achieve your financial objectives
  • Consider your attitudes to taking investment risk and your capacity for capital losses
  • Recommend an appropriate asset mix
  • Evaluate investment managers
  • Negotiate fees and pricing on your behalf
  • Implement your investment portfolio
  • Review progress and benchmark investment manager performance

Estate planning

The intergenerational transfer of wealth is a key component to personal financial planning. Parents often seek our help in designing an appropriate plan to meet both their needs, and support their dependents.

Where assets are likely to be in excess of Capital Acquisition Tax thresholds, appropriate tax planning can result in significant increases in the level of wealth transferred to the next generation.

We will:

  • Quantify your family's current exposure to potential estate taxes
  • Consider how your family's exposure to estate taxes may develop over time
  • Evaluate the needs of both the parent and dependants to ensure the appropriate level of asset transfer
  • Identify and evaluate tax planning opportunities with the aim of increasing the level of wealth transferred to dependants
  • Consider changes in taxation and how they could impact your plans

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