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Change Management in Local Government


Significant change in local authorities in recent years has brought disruption to organisations and misalignment among staff at different levels. Whilst good progress has been made in delivering efficiency savings, there is still a considerable amount of work left to do as the austerity programme continues to hit home.

Developing new and more efficient ways of working, whilst managing the change this involves, will become essential factors over the coming years as local authorities continue to adapt to the challenges the future holds.

Resistance to change is high - but this is not unusual in comparison internationally. Vision and leadership are key to helping staff understand the reasons for change and an aligned, focussed and capable leadership team is fundamental to the success of any change programme.

Engaging with staff and unions at an early stage is essential. It is important to remember that the best ideas often come from the people delivering services and staff at all levels should be involved in designing the future and driving change throughout an organisation so that they have a sense of ownership and an incentive to succeed.

Whilst the future for local government holds many challenges, there is also a wealth of opportunities - effective change management is the key to making the most of them.

Potential issues

There are many barriers to change - some involve people and some involve the processes needed to achieve your vision. Your organisation may be encountering some of the challenges below:

  • You have more change initiatives than your organisation has the capacity to deliver.
  • Your organisation has a history of change initiatives that 'sit on the shelf'.
  • Staff are reluctant to engage with change initiatives.
  • The need for change is clear but you are unsure how to map the key objectives and articulate the future vision.
  • Senior staff are focussed on operational rather than strategic change.
  • Your organisational structures are no longer fit-for-purpose.

How can we help?

Our team includes multi-disciplinary specialists who have experience helping clients to manage a range of change programmes.

We can help you with:

  • Organisation change: Facilitating successful change while involving the people most affected and enabling them to drive and sustain those changes
  • Change programme design: Prioritising and planning the changes you are looking for
  • Leadership capability: Coaching and developing the people who will lead the change
  • Organisational structure: Designing and implementing organisational structures that support your objectives
  • Talent and Culture: Building culture, capability, talent management and leadership programmes.

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