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Unlocking payroll's potential

Too often, nobody hears about payroll until there's a problem. However, payroll is one of the most important areas in any business.

Whether your payroll function is giving you a headache or you are looking to unlock its fullest potential, cracking the payroll CODE is central to success.

Our payroll consulting solutions team can help you identify new opportunities, as well as solutions to known challenges, in the areas of compliance, operations, digital and employee experience.

Crack the payroll CODE

We look at payroll through the lenses of compliance, operations, digital and employee experience. Our expert payroll consulting solutions team works with organisations to review the design of their payroll delivery models and the efficiency of their payroll functions under each aspect of the payroll CODE.


As the primary tax collection agent for tax authorities, payroll teams must stay up to date with continuous legislative and regulatory change, not to mention new workforce mobility and flexibility models and unprecedented employment turnover rates. Compliance is critical and very rarely straightforward.

Whether your payroll is under the spotlight in terms of a Revenue audit or intervention, or you wish to carry out a PAYE health check, PwC can support you. Our integrated payroll and tax teams can work with you to identify compliance challenges, resolve gaps, and establish robust and flexible business processes and protocols to ensure continuing compliance.

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Policies and procedures are at the heart of every payroll, from data collection to preparation, statutory reporting and payment. But are your organisation's policies and protocols fit for purpose and adding value? Or are they inadvertently introducing pain points?

Our payroll function effectiveness experts can guide you through a sprint exercise or a deeper dive. Working in conjunction with your team and organisational priorities, we have the experience to map, course correct and transform how payroll operations contribute to wider business goals and success.

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An organisation's digital, technology and data capabilities are critical to the effective operation of payroll. Legacy systems and distributed roles and responsibilities for data and technology can prevent companies from cracking the payroll CODE. Digital isn't just a buzzword; it's a mindset that is necessary to future-proof the payroll function.

As well as deep experience of working with payroll data, we have supported organisations in identifying relevant data, analysing data quality, engaging data owners and developing data management strategies. Every organisation has different data challenges. Tackling those unique challenges is central to unlocking potential and delivering compliance, effective operations and a premium employee experience.

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Employee experience

Employee engagement and experience are ongoing areas of focus for employers and payroll must be right, but how can it contribute more to an organisation's employee experience? And how do employees' actions impact payroll and the experience of the payroll team?

Payroll can generate more value, both for your business and your employees. Our teams have worked with a variety of clients, from Irish plcs to global pharmaceutical and technology companies, from retail to healthcare employers, to identify and implement payroll-related solutions.

Our engagements have seen us work on a range of projects from software configuration to full-scale payroll transformation, and from analysis or documentation of payroll policies to acting as a payroll service provider. We know that employee experience is central to an organisation's success and can help you realise the true potential of your payroll function and processes.

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