Revenue Audit Support

A well-planned approach to preparing for a Revenue audit or non-audit intervention can minimise the final settlement, as well as any disruption to your business.

Revenue audit challenges

Revenue's investment in data analytics means that it is better placed to identify non-compliance as it carries out more granular audits.

As Revenue’s aim is to audit every company once at least every five years, our focus is on helping you manage your employment tax risk and ensure that you are ready for any Revenue intervention.

Helping you prepare for a Revenue audit or intervention

Revenue interventions present many challenges for companies. Our experienced team can help you deal with all aspects of Revenue audits and interventions. Our focus is on helping you manage your tax risk, both before an intervention or audit and when Revenue formally intervenes.

Revenue audit support

An employment tax audit is the most likely audit an organisation will face. It can result in significant settlements, particularly for large employers. Employment tax audits are much broader than payroll alone. The off-payroll risk areas can also give rise to large settlements, such as:

  • company car benefit-in-kind (BIK) treatment

  • payments to contractors

  • unvouched expenses

  • travel and subsistence issues

  • professional subscriptions

  • share scheme operations

  • notional pay valuation

  • small and irregular benefits

  • termination payments

  • internationally mobile employees

Our team has the necessary experience and insight to help you prepare thoroughly for what can be the unwelcome intrusion of a Revenue audit/intervention. Using e-audit techniques to carry out our review, our team can help you manage the Revenue audit and tax disclosure process in a way that ensures the best possible outcome.

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Employment tax health check

Today, many businesses are taking a proactive approach to reviewing their tax affairs and recognise that they may have issues such as PAYE, PRSI or USC underpayments that must be disclosed to Revenue. With the new Revenue framework placing a greater onus on taxpayers to ensure that tax filings are correct, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are aware of your tax risk profile.

Our team can help you proactively manage tax risk and provide increased certainty by undertaking effective employment tax health checks. This will allow you to take decisive remediation action and will mean that you are better placed to deal with a risk review or audit in the future.

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