Workforce Reshaping

The challenges of a changing workforce

The exit of employees from an organisation brings challenges for both the employee and the employer, particularly when the exit is not voluntary.

Successful severance processes generally involve the provision of employee supports as well as ensuring that the employer meets its tax, legal and human resources (HR) obligations. This must be achieved within predetermined budgets and timelines.

Our team specialises in employment taxes, pensions, reward, executive search and outplacement support. We can support you with the difficult and sensitive challenge of staff exiting the organisation.

Helping you navigate workforce change

We are here to support your organisation at every stage in the process—from the design, communication and implementation of severance programmes of all sizes to the orderly, compliant and well-communicated exit of personnel.

Programme design and implementation

An organisation’s key concern is the wellbeing of its staff—those who are departing, those who remain and those who are tasked with running the severance programme.

The workforce team adopts a holistic approach to each aspect of a severance programme and this is reflected in the services we provide. These include:

  • severance programme benchmarking, design and implementation;
  • ensuring in-house resources have the support required to implement the programme;
  • advising on the timing of employee communication throughout the programme to promote employee buy-in;
  • preparing tax and redundancy calculations for ex-gratia payments;
  • group or individual tax and social welfare briefings;
  • providing pension support, including calculating net present value (NPV), financial wellness briefings and staff/one-to-one pension briefings; and
  • advising on tax technical issues in relation to pay or service for certain categories of employees.
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Digital in-house support

Organisations often seek to provide on-demand support for their employees, which can be accessed at a time that is convenient for them.

Examples include:

  • an online ready reckoner and supporting user guide to help employees determine their estimated net packages; and
  • recorded webinar-style briefings hosted by the organisation, dealing with key aspects of the programme.

We can provide a suite of digital supports, including those listed above, which can be hosted on an organisation's internal systems and accessed 24/7. Our team can also provide data analytics to equip the organisation with additional insights into various aspects of the programme.

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