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Paying your employees accurately and on time, every time.

Meeting the payroll challenge

The obligations on employers to get payrolls right on time and every time are more significant than ever. Indeed, they are expected to achieve continuous compliance excellence in a very challenging environment.

Whether you are an employer who processes payroll in-house or has already taken the decision to outsource the function to a payroll service provider, PwC's expert payroll processing solutions team can help you.

We provide bespoke managed payroll processing services to our clients, who include Irish plcs, multinational technology companies, semi-state organisations, and manufacturing and financial services employers. We also support organisations with high-profile and complex executive and board payrolls.

Navigate the payroll landscape

Our team of qualified and experienced payroll professionals provide managed payroll processing services and practical payroll advice to help organisations navigate the complex payroll landscape. We focus on quality and reliability, giving you peace of mind and confidence.


Expert knowledge

The payroll landscape is very challenging, with constantly evolving employment-related legislation and more scrutiny from stakeholders than ever. It can be difficult for payroll teams to stay on top of the many changes, especially often across several jurisdictions, which creates substantive risk for organisations.

PwC Ireland’s Payroll Processing Solutions team are up-to-speed with the latest legislative and regulatory changes and utilise best-in-class technologies to support you. We provide a quality managed payroll processing service that is human-led and technology enabled reducing your risk while enhancing your employees’ experience. We are also ISAE 4302 (Type II) accredited, which provides international assurance over our operational controls and effectiveness.

Our qualified payroll experts are experienced in the provision of payroll processing services and practical advice. We work with expert colleagues in employment tax, pensions, severance and equity provide a comprehensive support service to employers with even complex compliance challenges. 

Contact us to learn how our payroll processing solutions team can help you contain costs, manage employer-related risks and reduce administrative burdens.

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Global support

Many employers work across borders, which adds complexity to the payroll process. Add to this the rise of the 'gig' economy and increased requests to work in foreign jurisdictions and you will quickly appreciate the challenges facing payroll teams today. Through our global network, we collaborate with payroll teams in 160 countries to provide managed payroll services for clients, whether they have one employee in a given country or thousands.

Employers can rely on PwC to provide a truly global payroll solution. From territory set-up to payroll activation and compliance, our global teams can help you at all stages of your company's growth. In addition, our global payroll technology ensures that employers, and employees, have a consistent experience, irrespective of geographic location.

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Practical support

We don’t only support organisations through our managed payroll processing solution. Our experienced professionals also:

  • provide practical guidance and support to in-house payroll teams (and sometimes other payroll service providers) tackling tricky and or unusual scenarios, including talking through Revenue Online Service (ROS) screens and menus, or identifying possible solutions to issues which have arisen; and

  • work on a secondment basis with organisations either with, or as, their payroll function to cover maternity leaves, backfill capacity for current payroll team members to undertake projects, or sometimes more unplanned scenarios.

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