Ken Owens

Ken Owens

Partner, PwC Ireland (Republic of)

Ken has been a Partner in the Asset Management Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers since 2001 and has been with PwC for 25 years.

During a 15 year career as an audit partner Ken worked with a range of global asset managers who were using Ireland as a location for the establishment and/or servicing of UCITS funds, hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, ETFs, money market funds, private equity funds.

Ken has also advised international asset managers on:

  • the type of structure which would be most appropriate for the product that they were establishing; and most appropriate for their target investors;
  • the appropriate accounting treatment for complex financial instruments and investment structures;
  • the regulatory requirements to be complied with when establishing a UCITS fund or a hedge fund in Ireland; and
  • the regulatory and reporting obligations which need to be complied with when looking to distribute investment funds internationally.

Ken has been involved with the Irish Funds Association (Irish Funds) for many years serving on both the Technical Committee and the Legal & Regulatory Committee and has served as Chairman of the Association in 2011-12. He currently chairs the Irish Fund’s Distribution Steering Group.

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